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Buster Keaton

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Buster Keaton in The General
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Vaudeville [...]

... Many early film and radio performers, such as WC Fields, Buster Keaton, the Marx Brothers, Edgar Bergen and The Three Stooges, started in vaudeville. ... www.jahsonic.com/Vaudeville.html - 4k - Cached - Similar pages

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Andrew Sarris
... Huston, Billy Wilder, or Elia Kazan in his Pantheon, he chose artists with a more
personal vision like John Ford, Howard Hawks, Max Ophuls, and Buster Keaton. ...
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Alexandro Jodorowsky
... He also admitted the influence of films made by such figures as Jean-Luc Godard,
Luis Bunuel, Sergio Leone, Erich von Stroheim, and Buster Keaton (whose action ...
www.jahsonic.com/AlexandroJodorowsky.html - 16k - Cached - Similar pages

Surrealism in Cinema
... Aragon Cinema USA / Philippe Soupault Battlegrounds and commonplaces / René Crevel
Against commercial cinema / Benjamin Péret Buster Keaton's College / Luis ...
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Subterrean Cinema
... .. www.subcin.com/russell.html - 12k - Cached - Similar pages THE COMIC TRADITION
FILM - AS A - SUBVERSIVE ART THE NAVIGATOR (Buster Keaton & Donald Crisp, USA ...
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