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Cecil Beaton (1904 - 1980)

Marilyn Monroe by Cecil Beaton, 1956
image sourced http://www.npg.org.uk/live/trbeaton.asp [Apr 2005]


Sir Cecil Walter Hardy Beaton (January 14, 1904 - January 18, 1980) was an English fashion and portrait photographer.

Educated at Harrow and St. John's College at Cambridge University, Beaton picked up photography on his own. He taught himself the tricks of the trade as a young boy, taking the usual pictures of friends and family. At the end of his college career in 1925, he had set up his own successful photography studio.

Beaton is best known for his fashion photographs and society portraits. He worked as a staff photographer for Vanity Fair and Vogue in addition to photographing celebrities in Hollywood. He also worked as a stage and film designer, including the musicals Gigi (1959) and My Fair Lady (1965).

He started off taking photographs with a large format camera, but in the 1940s, he switched to the lighter Rolleiflex camera. His style was to always use available light when possible and to shoot in a straight-forward manner.

When he returned to London, he was honored as the official photographer to the Royal Family. During the second world war, he worked for the British Ministry of Information, as a documentary photographer.

In 1972, he received his knighthood, but suffered a stroke two years later. This hindered him from photographing for five years. He picked up the camera again for a short while in 1979, but died the following year.

Though primarily homosexual -- the great love of his life was the millionaire art collector Peter Watson -- he did have relationships with women, including the actress Greta Garbo and socialite Doris Castlerosse. He claimed that his heterosexual virginity was taken by American socialite Marjorie Oelrichs. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cecil_Beaton [Apr 2005]

Jamie Reid

Cecilb Beaton, this version: Jamie Reid, 1977 Title: An original "God Save The Queen" sticker (large-size variant) designed by Jamie Reid (c. March 1977) to publicise the eponymous

Author: (SEX PISTOLS).

Description: This version of the Cecil Beaton portrait of the Queen features the safety pin and the "She Ain't No Human Being" caption. Probably the most memorable icon of the punk era.

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