Cevin Fisher

Cevin Fisher

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    BORN: East Orange, New Jersey, October 26, 1963.

    LIFE BEFORE DJING: "Drummer. I played in bands with people like David Cole from C&C Music Factory."

    FIRST DJ GIG: "My father owned bars and nightclubs and I started at my father's club Tingles in New Jersey when I was about 16. I played various styles then, like early hip hop: Davy DMX, Grandmaster Flash."

    Best - "Industry, Toronto, October 1996. The energy of the crowd was incredible. When I played the last record they turned the lights out and it was pitch black and then everyone in the club lit sparklers. It was like a tribute."
    Worst - "In the USA a few weeks ago. My set was being recorded after I refused permission. I'd already told the guy I'd send him a tape from New York. I had acetates that he couldn't use on his radio show because they needed approval before going on the radio. We ended up smashing the DATs and I'm not normally like that."

    FAVOURITE CLUBS:Sonar, Montreal; Twilo, New York; Industry, Toronto.

    DJ TRADEMARK: "My selection of music the marriage between hard and soulful. I either start hard and end up soulful or the other way round."

    LIFE OUTSIDE DJING: Artist: 'Music Is Pumping' People Underground (Nervous); 'Women Beat Their Men' Submission (Velocity). Remixer: 'I Believe' Pro Toolz (Velocity); 'Din Da Da' Kevin Aviance (Wave); 'L'Obelico del Mondo' Jovanotti (Am:Pm); 'The Pressure' Sounds Of Blackness (Am:Pm); "I'm a movie fanatic and rent loads of movies, different weird ones, and I love sports."

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