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Charles Carrington

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Charles Carrington was an active publisher of erotica in England and France.

On Nov. 11, 1867 in the London parish of Bethnal Green, Paul Harry Ferdinando (who later took the pseudonym Charles Carrington) was born to Sarah Elizabeth Cox (1834-1890) and John Isaac Ferdinando (1822-1904). The sixth child born to John and Sarah, Carrington grew up in a large family of five brothers and three sisters: John Issac, Ruth Sarah, Fredrick Aaron (died at birth), Frances Charlotte, Joseph Benjamin, George Samuel, Jessie Elizabeth and Fredrick Edward. --http://www.eroticabibliophile.com/carrington.html [Oct 2005]

November 11, 1868 - The bookseller and erotica publisher, Paul Ferdinando (aka Charles Carrington), son of John Ferdinando and Sarah Cox, is born in the Bethnal Green, Middlesex, London. Carrington was active in the erotica trade from approximately 1895 until shortly before his death in Ivry, France in 1921.

1926 - Prolific illustrator of erotica and flagellation literature, Martin van Maele dies (date of birth unknown). Maele did most of his erotica work for publishers Charles Carrington and Jean Fort (Collection des Orties Blanches) . Maele's most famous work is the extremely rare "La Grande Danse Macabre des Vifs", Paris: Charles Carrington, 1908. 10 illustrations. Limited to 100 copies. --http://www.eroticabibliophile.com/people19.html [Sept 2004]

Suburban Souls: The Erotic Psychology of a Man and a Maid (1901) - Jacky S.

Suburban Souls: The Erotic Psychology of a Man and a Maid (1901) - Jacky S. [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Jacky S Suburban Souls: The Erotic Psychology of a Man and a Maid New York: Book of the Month Club, 1994. First published in 1901 by Charles Carrington, an active publisher of erotica in England and France, its sexual frankness and autobiographical disclosures quickly made it as sought after as "My Secret Life." The author identifies himself only as Jacky S., a 43-year-old broker with the Paris stock exchange. His memoir tells of his five-year love affair with 19-year-old Lilian Arvel. The introduction by Richard Manton and Barney Rosset speculates that Carrington may have been the author. This edition also includes 20 appendices, among them the complete text to another novel, "The Yellow Room", referred to in "Suburban Souls" as having been edited by Jacky S. --http://illiad.biblio.com/browse_books/author/j/1226.html [Aug 2005]

The narrator of this tale is Jacky, a stockbroker of 43. He describes his five-year affair with the 19-year-old Lillian Arvel who, at first, willingly reciprocates his passion. However, she refuses to sacrifice her maidenhead and signs of her infidelity become unmistakable. --via Amazon.co.uk

Suburban Souls is a novel of sex and jealousy, obsessive in its way as the self-consuming passion of the Narrator for Albertine in A la Recherche du Temps Perdu. A decade before the first volume of Proust's great novel, Suburban Souls dwells on the true nature of erotic jealousy. In its final stages the jealous emotion is not Othello's torment of tragic grandeur. Rather, it is necessary to the victim and, in its way, gratifying as the stimulation of sexual enjoyment. --Richard Manton via http://www.evergreenreview.com/102/articles/manton1.html [Aug 2005]

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When first published in 1901, Suburban Souls was a most unusual erotic book. It must not be taken at the same valuation as the ordinary obscene book. This is a novel with a purpose, and will teach many how to analyze a woman. It has considerable literary merit ... the relationship of a forty-five-year-old man and twenty-two-year-old young woman, related in the first person by the man. via [Amazon.com]

Analysis of the moral delinquent
Suburban Souls is never more purely the story of Jacky's own obsessions than in his analysis of Lilian the moral delinquent. Convinced that he has caught her out in lies about letters which she claims to have written but then lost, he gets out the packet of her correspondence to him. By means of this he subjects her, in absentia, to a psychiatric examination in the terms of the day. Like Proust's Narrator, it is the man rather than the girl who makes the better subject for this. However, he concludes: "She suffers from anaemia or chlorosis. There is evidently psychopathic deterioration and she is a neurotic subject.... Masturbation and unnatural practices before the age of puberty have produced neurasthenia with its attendant symptoms. It is a clear case of hysteria."

Such passages serve to remind us that whether or not 1901 was the publication year of Suburban Souls, it saw the appearance of a far more famous work: Sigmund Freud's Psychopathology of Everyday Life. --Richard Manton via http://www.evergreenreview.com/102/articles/manton1.html [Aug 2005]

Suburban Souls was published by Charles Carrington, an English publisher and distributor of erotic fiction.

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