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RetroRaunch is about bringing the tasty, nasty, wild, wacky, outrageous, shocking, beautiful, erotic and utterly special soft and hardcore porn from the past into the high-tech present of the Internet. http://www.retroraunch.com/main.htm [Jan 2005]

We know you've been around the block when it comes to adult entertainment, and so have we. After seeing for ourselves the busy, messy, overdone, irritating sites out there, blighted with advertising and tripping over themselves to give you (sell you) more, more, more! - we elected to give you something better. We have deliberately chosen to keep the site design simple, spare, and focused on giving you a unique and very erotic experience.

It isn't easy. Unlike the rest of the adult entertainment market, we don't have the luxury of porn manufacturers churning out boatloads of images day after day to feed the bottomless appetite of Internet. We can't just pick up the phone and tell them to ship another gross of cd's with a thousand pictures each. We have to research and investigate... telephone, e-mail, travel, and wait. When we do find sources for our images, we often have to sort, by hand, through thousands of pictures dumped in boxes. Then scan them in, one by one. Not to mention that the quality of the images is often so low that we have to marshall all the image-editing skills we have just to make them viewable. --http://www.retroraunch.com/statement.htm [Jan 2005]

Cheesecake Photography

Photographs of minimally attired women. --American Heritage Dictionary

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