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Chris Blackwell (1937 - )

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"You know, that Chris Blackwell disgusts me, makes me want to vomit. He invited me to the opening of the Compass Point studio in Nassau and there I saw him drink the blood of a freshly killed chicken. He thought I was into all that voodoo and obeah (African magic for inflicting damage on enemies, much feared in the Caribbean) stuff, and offered me some. It was disgusting." --Lee Perry in an interview with Danny Kelly, sourced here. [April 2003]


Chris Blackwell (born June 22, 1937) is the founder of Island Records. Born in London to an English father and a Jamaican-born Sephardic Jewish mother, Blackwell spent his childhood in Jamaica, where he founded Island Records, Mango Records and Island Pictures. Each of these companies were sold to Polygram. With Island Records, Blackwell is known for starting the careers of Bob Marley, U2, Steve Winwood, Melissa Etheridge and PJ Harvey. Since selling those companies, he has gone on to found Palm Pictures, a media entertainment company with music, film and DVD releases.

Blackwell is currently associated with Island Outpost, which operates or markets a group of high-end resorts in Jamaica. Goldeneye is among the most exclusive of these resorts, which is located at and named after the property previously owned by Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond novels. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Blackwell [Aug 2006]

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