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Classic house music (1984 - 1989)

"You may be black, you may be white, you may be Jew, or Gentile. It don't make a difference in our house." -- Mr Fingers, Can U Feel It?, 1986

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Mastercuts presents: Classic House (1994) - VA
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First house music tunes

Two tunes are arguably the first House music, each arriving in early 1984. The tune that was chronologically first was Jamie Principle and Frankie Knuckles' "Your Love", a huge hit in the clubs, but only available on tape copies. The second, "On And On" by Jesse Saunders was later but on vinyl (Shapiro, 2000). --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/House_music#Chicago_years:_early_1980s_-_late_1980s [Apr 2005]

Trax Records [...]

Philly Disco + Japanese Music Machines=House Music (1978)

Think of a classic house record and nine times out of ten you'll think of Trax, although you may not realise it. 'Move Your Body'? 'Baby Wants To Ride'? 'Washing Machine'? 'Can U Feel It'? All Trax releases. 'House Nation'? 'Acid Trax'? 'Your Love'? 'We Are Phuture'? 'U Used To Hold Me'? Yup, those too. What's more they introduced the world to producers who've become immortalised as some of house music's greatest innovators - Larry Heard, Marshall Jefferson, Frankie Knuckles - and have provided an outlet for many more of Chicago's house artists over the years, such as Armando, Liddell Townsend, Robert Owens, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Mr Lee, Adonis, Fast Eddie, Ralphie Rosario, DJ Rush, Steve Poindexter, Terry Baldwin, DJ Skull... the list goes on. And they did it all by releasing crappy-looking records that sounded like they'd been pressed on sandpaper. Now there's a story worth telling. -- Max Renn

Chicago house music

Chicago's greatest influence on electronic dance music is as the birthplace of house music. The name house music is said to come from the Chicago dance club, the Warehouse, where the legendary Frankie Knuckles DJed. The classic house record label Trax Records was based in Chicago, and put out seminal house records like Jamie Principle & Frankie Knuckles's "Your Love" and Marshall Jefferson's "Move Your Body". Other influential house artists to come out of Chicago include Adonis, Larry Heard, Ron Hardy, Phuture, Robert Owens, and Farley Jackmaster Funk. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_of_Illinois#Electronic_music [Apr 2005]

Chicago house
Chicago house is a style of house music. House music originated in a Chicago, Illinois nightclub called the WareHouse, and this is where the style of music derives its name from. DJ Frankie Knuckles originally popularized house music while working at the WareHouse.

House music grew out of the post-disco dance club culture of the early 1980s. After disco became popular, certain urban DJs, particularly those in gay communities, altered the music to make it less pop-oriented. The beat became more mechanical and the bass grooves became deeper, while elements of electronic synth pop, Latin soul, dub reggae, rap, and jazz were grafted over the music's insistent, unvarying 4/4 beat. Frequently, the music was purely instrumental and when there were vocalists, they were faceless female divas that often sang wordless melodies.

By the late 1980s, house had broken out of underground clubs in cities like Chicago, New York, and London, and had begun making inroads on the pop charts, particularly in England and Europe but later in America under the guise of artists like C+C Music Factory and Madonna. At the same time, house was breaking into the pop charts; it fragmented into a number of subgenres, including hip-house, ambient house, and most significantly, acid house (a subgenre of house with the instantly recognizable squelch of the Roland TB-303 bassline generator). During the '90s, house ceased to be cutting-edge music, yet it remained popular in clubs throughout Europe and America. At the end of the decade, a new wave of progressive house artists including Daft Punk, Basement Jaxx, and House of 909 brought the music back to critical quarters with praised full-length works. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicago_house [Apr 2005]

Origins of the Word House

Philly Disco + Japanese Music Machines=House Music (1978)
[...] Word spread about Knuckles' disco, soul and funk phenomenon and The Warehouse quickly became the place to be for a party-hungry gay crowd. This, it is commonly accepted, is where the term 'house' originates. Knuckles himself has denied 'inventing' house, so what we are talking about here is more a style of playing music based on the idea of a musical flow and transition - for all Walter Gibbons & co's remixes, no-one had yet made A House Record. -- PhilCheeseman

Mastercuts presents: Classic House (1994) - VA

Mastercuts presents: Classic House (1994) - VA
[Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Rogers, Ce Ce - Someday (Original 12" Mix) (9.15)
Knuckles, Frankie presents Satoshi Tomiie -
Tears (feat. Robert Owen) (Original Classic Vocal Mix) (6.45)
Night Writers, The - Let the music (Use you) (Original 12" Mix) (8.11)
Bam Bam - Give it to me (Original 12" Mix) (5.41)
Inner City - Big fun (Original Magic Juan 12" Mix) (7.39)
Rosarioo, Ralphi feat Xavier Gold - You used to hold me (Original Kennyīs 12" Mix) (6.28)
Knuckles, Frankie - Baby wants to ride (Full Length Mix) (5.53)
Raze - Break 4 love (Original Vaughan Mason 12" Mix) (5.10)
A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo ray (Original 12" Mix) (4.27)
Ten City - Devotion (Original Bam Bamīs House 12" Mix) (7.39)
Void, Sterling & Paris Brightledge - Itīs alright (Original 12" House Mix) (6.34)
Smooth, Joe Inc feat. Anthony Thomas - The promised land (Original 12" Mix)

BCM Records compilation (1989)

Sleeve for BCM records 12 volume The history of the house sound of Chicago (1989) - Various

Sleeve for BCM records 12 volume The history of the house sound of Chicago

01-A1:Colonel Abrams/Trapped - Dance Version
01-A2:Shirley Lites/Heat You Up - Melt You Down
01-A4:Positive Force/We Got The Funk
01-A5:First Choice/Let No Man Put Asunder
01-B1:Jimmy 'Bo' Horne/Spank
01-B2:Two Man Sound/Que Tal America
01-B3:Sharon Redd/Can You Handle It
01-B4:Geraldine Hunt/Can't Fake The Feeling
01-B5:Sparque/Let's Go Dancing - Club Dancing

02-A1:D-Train/You're The One For Me - Vocal Version
02-A2:Raw Silk/Do It To The Music - Vocal
02-A3:Ripple/Beat Goes On
02-A4:Klein & M.B.O./Dirty Talk
02-A5:Martin Circus/Disco Circus
02-B1:Fatlarry's Band/Act Like You Know
02-B2:T-Connection/At Midnight
02-B3:D-Train/Keep On
02-B4:Telex/Moskow Diskow - Original Version
02-B5:Instant Funk/I Got My Mind Made Up

03-A1:Steve "Silk" Hurley/Music Is The Key - House Key
03-A2:Arrogance/Crazy - Club Mix
03-A3:The It/Donnie
03-A4:Shawn Christopher/People Of All Nations - Club Mix
03-A5:Chip E. Inc.Featuring K. Joy/Like This - Extended Mix
03-B1:Farm Boy/Move - Club Mix
03-B2:Steve "Silk" Hurley/Shadows Of Your Love - House Mix
03-B3:Mark Imperial/J'adore Danser - Club Mix
03-B4:White Knight/Never Give Up - Club
03-B5:Fingers Inc./A Path - Club Mix

04-A1:Liz Torres Featuring Kenny 'Jammin'' Jason/What You Make Me Feel - Fierce Mix
04-A2:The House Rockers Featuring Frankie 'Hollywood' Rodriguez And Jimmy L.A. Perna/Everybody Do It! - Hollywood Mix
04-A3:House People/Godfather Of House - Club Mix
04-A4:E.S.P./It's You - Vocal
04-A5:Tyree Featuring Chic/I Fear The Night - Subterranean Mix
04-B1:Fingers Inc./It's Over - Dub
04-B2:Raz/Amour Puerto Riqueno (Puerto Rican Lover) - Spanish Club Mix
04-B3:Fingers Inc./Mystery Of Love - Club Mix
04-B4:Steve "Silk" Hurley/Jack Your Body - Club
04-B5:Professor Funk & The House Brothers/Work Your Body Rap

05-A1:Mario Reyes/What Ever Turns You On - Club Mix
05-A2:Farley 'Jackmaster' Funk Feat. Ricky Dillard/It's U - House Mix
05-A3:Chip E/Time To Jack
05-A4:Femme Fion/Jack The House
05-A5:Mk 2/Used By DJ - Vocal
05-B1:Kenny 'Jammin'' Jason With 'Fast' Eddie Smith/Can U Dance
05-B2:Fingers Inc./It's Over - Club Mix
05-B3:Dymond/Wild About Your Love - Club Mix
05-B4:Chip E/If You Only Knew - Radio Edit
05-B5:Julian 'Jumpin'' Perez Featuring Connie V./Jack Me 'Til I Scream - Jumpin' Mix

06-A1:Adonis/No Way Back
06-A2:On The House Featuring Marshall Jefferson/Ride The Rhythm
06-A3:Farley Jackmaster Funk/Funking With The Drums Again (Farley Farley)
06-A4:Farm Boy/Jackin' Me Around - Farm Mix
06-A5:Boris Badenough/Hey Rocky - Extended
06-B1:Marshall Jefferson/Move Your Body - The House Music Anthem
06-B2:Sampson 'Butch' Moore/House Beat Box - Instrumental
06-B3:Sweet D/Thank Ya
06-B4:Kevin Irving/Children Of The Night
06-B5:Phuture/Acid Tracks

07-A1:Farley 'Jackmaster' Funk Featuringg Daryl Pandy/Love Can't Turn Around
07-A2:Denise Motto/Imnxtc
07-A3:Ralphi Rosario Featuring Xavia Gold/You Used To Hold Me
07-A4:Libra Libra/I Like It
07-A5:Liz Torres Featuring Edward Crosby/Can't Get Enough - Club
07-B1:The House Master Boyz And The Rude Boy Of House/House Nation
07-B2:On The House/Pleasure Control - Radio
07-B3:The Force/It's O.K., It's O.K.
07-B4:Hercules/7 Ways - Vocal
07-B5:Ramos/The Jackin' National Anthem

08-A1:Blaze/Whatcha Gonna Do - Vocal
08-A2:Mel & Kim/Showing Out (Get Fresh At The Weekend) - The Morgage Mix
08-A3:Cleavage/Barah - The House Mix
08-A4:Phil Fearon/Ain't Nothing But A House Party
08-A5:Harlequin Four's Faeturing Barbera Tucker/Set It Off
08-B1:Jack'n Chill/The Jack That House Built
08-B2:Raze/Jack The Groove
08-B3:Kissing The Pink/Certain Things Are Likely - Garage
08-B4:Cultuaral Vibe/Ma Foom Bay - Love Chant Version
08-B5:Mirage/Jack Mix #2

09-A1:Nitro Deluxe/This Brutal House - US Version
09-A2:Jack E. Mokassa/The Opera House
09-A3:Mel & Kim/Respectable - Tabloid Mix
09-A4:Gary L/Time - Time To Party
09-A5:Wired/To The Beat Of The Drum - On The Burn Mix
09-B1:2 Puerto Ricans? A Black Man And A Dominican/Do It Properly - Def Mix
09-B2:Lennyd & Tommy Musto/Everythings Bamboo - Club Version
09-B3:Wally Jump Junior And The Criminal Element/Turn Me Loose
09-B4:Movement/The Movement
09-B5:Home Wreckers/Jackin' - Emu Style

10-A1:Risque Rhythm Team/122 Home
10-A2:Matt Warren/Way To My Heart - Chicago House Mix
10-A3:Mink/What Does It Take - Fashion Mix
10-A4:Rhythim is Rhythim/Nude Photo
10-A5:Philly Cream/Love Can't Turn Around - Vocal Club Version
10-B1:Quest/Mind Games - Underground Mix
10-B2:Kreem/Triangle Of Love - Vocal Mix
10-B3:Master Plan/Electric Baile - Commercial Mix
10-B4:Billie/Nobody's Business - Radio Mix
10-B5:Thompson & Lenoir/Can't Stop The House

11-A1:Chic/Jack Le Freak
11-A2:Loleatta Holloway/Hit And Run '88 Gotta Be Number One
11-A3:Dalis/Rock Steady
11-A4:Cerrone/Supernature '88
11-A5:Patrick Adams Featuring Lari Lee/Jack In The Bush
11-B1:Freeez/I..O.U. - Megamix
11-B2:Paris Gray/Don't Make Me Jack (Tonite I Want To House You) - Club
11-B3:John Rocca/I Want It To Be Real - Farley's Hot House Piano Mix
11-B4:Turntable Terror Trax? Vol.2/Let's Begin
11-B5:Farley 'Jackmaster' Funk And The Shy Boyz/U Ain't Really House - Club Mix

12-A1:Criminal Element Orchestra/Put The Needle To The Record
12-A2:Jellybean Featuring Steven Dante/The Real Thing - West 26th Street Mix
12-A3:Kelly Charles/You're No Good for me - Club Mix
12-A4:L.A. Mix/Don't Stop Jammin' - The Brutal Remix
12-A5:Rhythim is Rhythim/Strings (Flam-Boy-Ant Mix)
12-B1:M|A|R|R|S/Pump Up The Volume - Original Version
12-B2:Full House/Communicate - Club Mix
12-B3:Secret Secret/We Came To Jack
12-B5:The Beatmasters Featuring The Cookie Crew/Rock Da House - Remix

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