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Claude Mulot ( - 1986)

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Claude Mulot is a French director who also used the pseudonym Frederic Lansac for his erotic films. In 1969 he made an erotic horror feature entitled La Rose Ecorchée (The Blood Rose). In this film, the mad scientist was named Frederic Lansac, and he chose it for his pseudonym when he made the move to hardcore films.

Claude Mulot's porno entries are eccentric. They feature elements of science fiction and what the French call the "fantastique". --[Aug 2005]

Perhaps the best French erotic director, and that's really saying something. He was a well respected serious director before becoming an adult film auteur, whose witty and inventive sex films like LE SEXE QUI PARLE, LES PETITE ECOLIERES and LA GRANDE BAISE put the competition to shame. --http://www.cinebizarre.com/xdir_mulot.asp [Aug 2005]

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La Rose Ecorchée (1969) - Claude Mulot

La Rose Ecorchée (1969) - Claude Mulot
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La Rose Ecorchée (1969) - Claude Mulot
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La Femme Objet (1980) - Claude Mulot

La Femme Objet is the story of a science fiction writer who is completely addicted to sex. He needs it from morning to night and cannot be in the presence of a woman without making love to her, whether she is asleep, in the process of washing the dishes, or anything else. The story begins with his girlfriends Sabine (Helene Shirley) leaving him, telling him as she parts that she wants to live and his demands are literally killing her. The next girlfriends suffers the same fate, as does the secretary he hires and a woman who is designing sets for the movie adaptation of his latest book. Realizing that no living woman can satisfy him, he sets up a laboratory in the basement and builds a true to life, remote controlled robot woman- his "female object" (Marilyn Jess). At first life is good, as the stunning, busty blonde robot can not speak- and wouldn't complain if she could- and satisfies his every sexual whim. He ironically observes, "She is more feminine than any woman I have ever known". --Steve Genier, http://www.cinema-nocturna.com/nd_pussytalk_review.htm [Jun 2004]


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