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Atmosphere Strut (1976) - Cloud One

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... We're gonna fly ... fly away ...

1976: Cloud One (fronted by Patrick Adams) 'Atmosphere Strut', the 10-minute excursion into heavy synthezied music, with his (then) trademark synth sounds is released in 1976 ...

Atmosphere Strut (1976) - Cloud One
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1. Spaced Out 2. Charleston Hopscotch 3. Dust to Dust 4. Atmosphere Strut 5. Disco Juice 6. Doin' It All Night Long

At a time when disco was still emerging from the Philadelphia soul

Earlier this year I was on a pretty big disco kick (ah, who am I kidding, I still am), and thanks to the excellent web resource Jahsonic I discovered the music of Patrick Adams, one of disco's early innovators. Adams recorded "Atmosphere Strut" with his band Cloud One in 1976, at a time when disco was still emerging from the Philadelphia soul sound of bands like the O'Jays and the Spinners; tracks like this, with its synthesized sound, jazzier feel and longer instrumental format, helped differentiate the new style from its pop-format predecessors.

I bought a Cloud One CD compilation this spring, and while the sound quality is extremely spotty (some tracks sound like they were mastered from a sun-warped eight-track tape!), it's a lot of fun, and unlike better-known disco of the Saturday Night Fever era it's barely aged a day. We don't get too many warm, humid nights here in the Bay Area, but for those of you who do I imagine this would be an ideal soundtrack.

(And yes, "Atmosphere Strut" is a drug song — but given the famously coked-up excesses of latter-day disco, it's almost quaint to hear these guys get so worked up over passing a joint around!) --http://www.woodland.org/podfodder/

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