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Label Profile

Gilles Peterson announces the 100th release comp on Compost:
"With great pleasure I pronounce Compost the most consistent and forward thinking record label of continental Europe. Quietly releasing the right and proper pieces from a slowly building alternative club culture that has now not only made worldwide news but is also changing the rules Stateside! Compost is the honest and independent vision of Michael Reinboth who I first met when he invited me to play at his tiny residency in Munich 13 years ago!
I was at that "lets see what¹s up in Deutschland phase" and Michael was the first to show me there was a future in playing cool records for a living! In the years that have passed his label has somehow not only represented the correct edge but most importantly has given this scene a true base enabling DJs and artists a feeling of being part of something truly meaningful! It hasn't been easy as there's always someone ready to put you down but after enough time you achieve collective strength to knock the cynics off! Today all of clublife is looking at Germany a little like the French touch a few years back and where Daft Punk led the disco revival I feel truly excited at the impact Truby, Jazzanova, Kruder , the Fauna Flash crew and the whole Compost family will have on world clubbing related music ! These guys are bringing the Soul back! Ask Oakenfold, Carl Cox or Tenaglia and you'll see that even the biggest djs in the world are tuned and inspired by those Bavarian beats."
Gilles Peterson

Rainer Trüby

Rainer Trüby’s top-class compilations: ‘Glücklich I, II & III’ (Compost), ‘Nitrogen - Trip Hop Sources from the Past’ (Compost), ‘Root Down 99’ (Nuphonic) or ‘Talkin’ Jazz III’ (Talkin Loud). Just prepare yourself for a sublimely mixed set combining elements of retro and future jazz, brazil, house, boogie and DB.html">drum & bass.


A Collection Of Brazilian Flavours From The Present And The Past
Compiled By Rainer Trüby


Pathless | Goddess | previously unreleased
Da Lata | Pra Manha
Trüby Trio | Prima Vera (only on CD & limited edition promo vinyl)
Brother Of Soul | Ife Bobowa
Jean-Claude Kerinec/Mamba Percussion | Samba
Boozoo Bajou | Night Over Manaus
Brazil Selection | Ye Mele
Nico Gomez | Rio
Cosmo Vitelli | We Don’t Need No Smurf Here
Evaldo Montenovo | Chili Con Carne
Modaji | The Latin Protocol
Tom & Joyce | Vai Minha Tristeza | Mr. Bob S. Remix
Tab Two | Belle Affaire | Trüby Trio Remix


Liner Notes

After having plunged into the depths of the diasporic Brazilian soul made in Germany, the Glücklich compilation series has moved on to present Brazilian fused music from a new generation of artists alongside that of their idols. The re-definition of the Brazilian feeling through urban club-culture has taken many different forms, always seeking to catch that special spirit. This third compilation in the series strives to portray the transformation of this spirit from a musical style and national culture to an international movement.


  1. Glucklich Vol. 1[1CD, Amazon US] Great comp with Euro-Brazilian classics

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