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George De Coulteray

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Le Sadisme au Cinéma (1964) - George de Coulteray [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

LE SADISME AU CINÉMA by George de Coulteray
Published by Le Terrain Vague. 1964

Sadism in the Movies (1965) - George de Coulteray

Sadism in the Movies (1965) - George de Coulteray [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

I believe I mentioned this title before, I own a badly translated 1965 copy on Medical Press of N.Y. The title should more aptly be Violence in the Movies as this book mentions very few examples of sexual sadism. The translation is by Steve Hult, for example the film Peeping Tom is billed as The Peeper, I suppose a literal translation of the French title Le Voyeur. The images are all listed at the back of the book, without mentioning the titles and an index is not included. The French copies of this book are always expensive, usually starting at 60 Euros. A very interesting book, but if you are looking for sexual sadism in the movies, grabbing a copy of Jean Streff's (French-language only) Le Masochisme au cinéma might satisfy you more.

You can find this title on Amazon.com and UK by searching for Coulteray and clicking on zshops.

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