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Do not confuse with: cover version (music)

Definition (packaging)

A binding or enclosure for a book or magazine. --AHD

see also: sleeve

Book covers

  • http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~jimthing/ Books ... by the cover.

    American paperback illustrators

    James Avati (December 14, 1912, Bloomfield, USA - February 27, 2005, Petaluma, CA, USA was an American illustrator and paperback cover artist. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Avati [Nov 2005]

    James AVATI James Avati was born in 1912 and started by designing store window displays. In the 1930's he went to magazine illustrations until 1948, when he stated doing covers for the New American Library. He brought a dark, brooding realstic style to paperbacks which was soon imitated by many others. His finest period was from 1949 through 1955, when he did many covers for Signet Books. He would never be considered a GGA artist but had an enormous influence, moving cover art from the brash, bright and almost cartoonish styles of artists like Rudolph Belarski, to a darker, more sober style on many of the 'sleaze' digests.

    Other American paperback illustrators include Rudolph BELARSKI - Earle K BERGEY - Gerald GREGG - George GROSS - Robert MAGUIRE - Robert McGINNIS - Barye PHILLIPS - Norman SAUNDERS - Robert STANLEY - Rafael M DESOTO - Gerald GREGG - Robert JONAS - SILVER STUDIOS - Stanley ZUCKERBERG

    See also: http://www.goodgirlart.com/coverartists.html [Nov 2005]

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