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Cricco Castelli

"Life Is Changing" xxx


Cricco Castelli started DJing in 1983 in Rome, Italy. DJing was Cricco's first love, and it wasn't until the end of 1990 that Cricco started producing his own material. In '91 he started his own label 'Romentertainment Records' on which he released his early productions. In '96 Cricco wrote 'Life is Changing' (Kult Records) which without doubt was the turning point in his career. This track was massive and received acclaim on a global level resulting in Cricco moving his studio to London. It wasn't long before Cricco's talents behind the decks were spotted and he was soon playing the London circuit, at clubs such as The End, The Cross, Heaven, Mass etc.

Investigations In The City

Crico Castelli - Investigations In The City - [Large]

Crico castelli has found a way into House music's short & behemoth history. Thus far, his experiments have left a unique and lasting impression. Last year's "Life is Changing" (Kult) stands as a pinnacle moment of his discography. With it's high tinged piano stabs, and rough boy beats, it set the tone for things to come. Now he comes forth with "Investigations in the City" hosted by LARGE records. Those familiar with this prominent label know of their good reputation and roster of top notch deep house players. Past high rolers include Kerri Chandler, and Mateo & Matos. Now add Crico Castelli and his tools of trade.
Four tracks ( I love that) added as equal parts show lovely results. Be warned however. That if you and your audience are used to conventional tthemes, then this is not for you. "Investigations..." is for house music connosseurs who appreciate uniqueness and groove. Juxtaposing raw sounds & solid structure is what this Italian stallion has done. Look no further to replenish a craving for the innovative. Crico is as slick as Crisco.-- Rudy Malinao


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