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Cult Directors

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A cult director is a director of cult films.

Cult directors: the erotic eye

--http://www.cinebizarre.com/main_director_erotic_all.htm [Dec 2004]

This page is an odd mix of film-makers famous for erotically themed films. Some like Luna, Pasolini, Bertolucci, Clark and Breillat are thought of as mainstream art film directors but are famous for their erotic daring. Others are associated primarily with 1970s adult film or primarily with 1960s soft core exploitation. Some straddled genres throughout their careers.

Most first-rate 1960s-1970s directors of erotica made a mix of art-house, exploitation and "adult" movies over their careers. Take Max Pecas; he spent 20 years making erotic films that were as daring as permitted at the time. He began his career making Elke Sommer movies like Daniella by Night (1961) that were scandalous at the time but could be shown on TV today. By the 1970s he was making handsome euro-erotica like I Am Frigid... Why? (1972) During the mid-1970s he made some first-rate adult (explicit) films like Felicia (1975) and Sweet Taste of Honey (1976) He was always the same artist, it was society that shifted. Now, a generation later, if you get interested in Max Pecas you quickly find that you can't go anyplace to find his movies collected together because the marketplace is arbitrarily divided based on content. And the situation is the same for Metzger and Rollin and Sarno and dozens of others.

The auteur theory is still the best approach to film and it's ridiculous to divide up a directors oeuvre by content. So I won't. I keep all Joe Sarno movies together, dammit!--http://www.cinebizarre.com/main_director_erotic_all.htm [Dec 2004]

Arthouse Controversialists

Bernardo Bertolucci, Walerian Borowczyk, Tinto Brass, Catherine Breillat, Larry Clark, Bigas Luna, Pasolini --http://www.cinebizarre.com/main_director_erotic_all.htm [Dec 2004]

Double Threats (Directors who worked in different erotic genres at various times)

Mac Ahlberg, Boos & Hofbauer, Jose Benazeraf, Joe D'Amato, Jess Franco, Francis Leroi, Radley Metzger, Russ Meyer, Max Pecas, Nick Phillips (Steve Millard), Jean Rollin, Jean Claude Roy (Patrick Aubin), Joe Sarno, Chuck Vincent --http://www.cinebizarre.com/main_director_erotic_all.htm [Dec 2004]

Virtuous Pagans (Meritorious Directors associated primarily with adult film)

Claude Aubert, Lasse Braun, Andrew Blake, Gerard Damiano, Alex De Renzy, Gregory Dark, Gerard Kikoine, Michel Lemoine, Richard Mahler, Robert McCallum, Claude Mulot, Henri Pachard, Rinse Dream, Anthony Spinelli --http://www.cinebizarre.com/main_director_erotic_all.htm [Dec 2004]

Long list with descriptions from trashvideo.com.au [...]

Copied here for research purposes [Dec 2004] --http://www.trashvideo.com.au/rent/MAIN_CULT_RENT.htm

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