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DJ Pierre

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DJ Pierre is one of the founders of Acid House and a member of Phuture. The released the 1987 E.P. Acid Trax is considered by many to be the birth of Acid House. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DJ_Pierre [Nov 2006]


DJ Pierre is a Chicago legend. His involvement with house music goes back to its earliest days when, as a member of Phuture, he recorded the seminal "Acid Trax." He departed for a solo career as a DJ and recording artist in the late 80s and became famous for his "Wild Pitch" sound, which was based on a lot of tweaks and effects. Putting his own spin on the acid house genre he helped develop, wild pitch soon became a much-copied mode of production. He's had hits as Photon Inc. and Aly-Us, but he hit a mild slump in the mid 90s that was ended with "The Horn Song." In the tradition of the best tracks, it was alarmingly simple yet soulful, with an irresistable hook driven by a simulated trumpet. The song was so successful that Strictly Rhythm decided to maximize its potential by drafting Barbara Tucker to add vocals. Now known as "Everybody Dance," it crossed over to the pop market and revitalized Pierre's career. He runs his own DJP Records and is again in demand as a remixer. -- http://www.allthingsdeep.com/dge/dj_pierre.htm [Nov 2006]


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    1. Emerald City [Dangerous 2001 Emerald Mix] 2. Misery [Lil Louis Extended Club Mix] - Kimara Lovelace 3. Dance Dance [DJ Pierre's Wild Pitch Mix] - Danell Dixon 4. Switch 2001 [Wild Pitch Switch] - DJ Pierre 5. Beginning [Mike Ski's Ibiza Mix] - Mike Ski 6. Good Luv [DJ Pierre's Deep Mix] - DJ Pierre 7. I Luv You More [D'Ambrosio Club Mix] - Kimara Lovelace 8. You Are the One [da 12"] 9. What Goes Around Comes Around [Junior's Underworld Beat] - GTS 10. Dancin [DJ Pierre Original Pitch] - DJ Pierre 11. Power [Cevin's Hard Power Mix] 12. Glory Glory [Deep and Reprised Excursion] - The Ananda Project 13. Beat the Drum [Original Mix] 14. Emergency [Main Mix] 15. What Goes Around Comes Around [Mind Trapp Feel It Dub] - GTS

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