1987 The first Disco Mix Club World Battle (DMC) is held, establishing DJ competitions worldwide.


Launched as a DJ ONLY record subscription club in February 1983, DMC is without doubt the founding company of DJ culture. Fuelled by a team of people with twenty years commitment to the DJ industry DMC is manned by managers who either come from a DJ background or are passionate for dance music. It is widely recognised that DMC was at the forefront of the DJ/Club Culture movement which began in the 80's.

In the beginning DMC invented the word 'megamix' to describe the art of DJs mixing records into a none-stop medley. It really began in 1981 when Tony Prince, DMC's founder, started to play DJ mixes on his Radio Luxembourg programme. The show eventually became known as the 'Disco Mix Club Show'. DJs around Europe heard what was happening, Prince was inundated with their individual mixes and they came from all over Europe.

And so it was that mixing tracks into cool, short medleys as a production format was established for the very first time and Radio Luxembourg was an impressive vehicle to broadcast the art with a UK and European audience in excess of 50million listeners! This was in a day and age when the UK still had a handful of radio stations and only thye BBC and Radio Luxembourg broadcasting nationally.

Whilst late 1981 was the point when this brand new art form was created the rest of the story continued when Prince and his wife Christine launched DMC as a way for DJs to produce mixes and for their colleagues to play them. DMC became the world's first licensed DJ ONLY record label.

In February 1983 when DMC was launched the Princes put their savings into a magazine which they produced to accompany the monthly mixes. They called the magazine Mixmag and, more than anything it was this publication which pointed DJ's in the right direction inspiring them to be creative and campaigning for club managers and owners to employ quality DJs instead of the cheapest record player in town. DMC also campaigned for better sound systems and politer bouncers (but you can't win 'em all!!!). The DMC label, exclusive to DJ subscribers, still continues to release monthly remixes and mixes created by DJs for DJ members. Taking an average of 8 individual productions each month for twenty years, DMC has distributed no less than 2000 individual DJ productions.

DMC also managed or aided many of the founding DJ mixers and brought their mixes and remixes into the public sector. Suddenly the DJ became the centre of attention, the real focus in dance music and subsequently their earning power and creative boundaries were opened wide and the world became their oyster.

DMC was also the company who first took DJs and fans on holiday together to IBIZA as far back as 1986 with a company they formed called 'Nightlife Holidays'.

Other feathers in DMC's corporate cap include the creation of The World DJ Championship which gave birth to Turntablism, a brand new music artistry which has turned the record player into a musical instrument. DMC staged an event which saw Public Enemy, Run DMC, James Brown and Janet Jackson sharing the stage at London's historic Royal Albert Hall with the world's greatest exponents of DJ art. Carl Cox, at the start of his career, entered the DMC/Technics DJ Championship. Dave Seaman was the editor of DMC's Mixmag magazine and launched Stress Records for DMC. Sasha and John Digweed were just two of the many DJs who were signed to this top 80's house label. Jr.Vasquez career as a remixer was kick-started on DMC's remix service and the world's premier DJ, Paul Oakenfold, received his first front cover feature in DMC's Mixmag as did many other icons.

It is true to say that every major DJ who turned the tables in the decades 80's and 90's, was first featured on the front page of DMC's dance music bibles MIXMAG or UPDATE or had their first public mix released on DMC's Mixmag Live - the world's FIRST DJ mix series to hit the public sector!

The DMC organisation's commitment to exposing and inspiring DJ art and DJ talent and to raising DJ standards, was a world-wide effort with branches in 40 nations playing their part. Whilst "Mixmag" in the UK drove the tribes of fans to appreciate great DJs and great music, "MIXER", DMC's American publication, planted big DJ seeds across the USA's traditional rock driven industry. As the world opened up to club DJs who no longer needed to talk into microphones, so jocks learned that, 'have record box will travel' as a new breed of DJ saw no international boundaries and their world-wide appearance fees expanded beyond their wildest dreams. Better still - this wasn't a Brit or a US DJ thing - this was for everyone because it was about great mixing - not about personality.

With 40 National branches and offices in London, Slough and New York, DMC arrived at the 21st century still wired positively continuing to inspire the world DJ population and indeed to uncover new talent. The DMC WORLD DJ CHAMPIONSHIPS now feature three annual events and in 2002 DMC worked with the UK's Luminar Leisure to launch the DMC YOUNG DJ OF THE YEAR (full reports on all DMC events can be found here on DMCWORLD).

DMC were again first to bring on a totally new concept in mixes, a chill-out after hours mix series which was named 'BACK TO MINE'. One (New Order), was even reviewed as 'BEST MIX EVER' in the British rock rag NME!

Today, via DJPAGES, DMC plans to change the way DJs market themselves and the way record labels communicate with them and the way fans discover the world's great DJs. Whether it be a 16 year old in a bedroom in Poland or a House DJ working a top London club or a hip-hop DJ from the Bronx, they can all be found by surfing their site.

DJPAGES will be DMC's main concentration for the next few years. We want to see a world-wide network of DJ charts featured on prime radio around the world. We believe DJs and radio Programme so watch these pages!

Sorry about all this banging of our own drum but new fans need to know exactly what DMC stands for and there've been a lot of beats gone down in twenty years. A big welcome to DMCWORLD.COM. the web site for the world-wide Dance Music Community, the DJs, the labels, the artistes, the producers AND THE FANS!

And bring on DMC - decade three! -- [Jul 2004]

Tony Prince

Tony Prince Born 9th May 1944, in Oldham, Lancashire, Tony is the only offshore personality to have been a real jockey before becoming a disc-jockey. This part of his career was short and was followed by time as an apprentice toolmaker and member of a band called The Jasons. He became a club DJ and, while working in Bristol, presented an early ITV pop programme, Discs-a-Gogo. On one of the shows, Tony Blackburn made an appearance to plug his latest record. Tony Prince asked him for a contact number for Radio Caroline. He phoned them, had an audition and joined the north ship at the end of 1965. He transferred to Caroline South briefly, presenting programmes from the station's temporary home on the Swedish mv.Cheeta II. This ship was on loan to the Caroline organisation while the Mi Amigo was being repaired, after losing its anchor and being washed up on the beach at Frinton-on-Sea. Tony then returned to Caroline North and "your royal ruler" was one of the station's most popular presenters. He used two different theme tunes, both recorded by Sounds Incorporated: Go and I'm Coming Through. Tony stayed until the introduction of the Marine Offences Act in August 1967. He went on to be Programme Director of Radio Luxembourg. Since then he has been heard on Capital Gold in London and Xtra-AM in Birmingham. Tony was quick to spot the potential of club culture and started the very successful Disco-Mix Club and the spin-off magazine Mixmag. This he later sold to publishing giant EMAP but he continues to run the club, now known as DMC International. -- [Jul 2004]


  1. King of Rock (1985) - Run D.M.C []
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