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Dalkey Archive Press

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The Dalkey Archive Press is a small publisher of fiction, poetry, and literary criticism, specializing in the publication or republication of obscure and out-of-print works, particularly contemporary literature. The publisher is named for the novel The Dalkey Archive, by the Irish author Flann O'Brien.

Founded in Chicago in 1984 by John O'Brien, the Dalkey Archive began as an adjunct press to the literary magazine Review of Contemporary Fiction, itself dedicated to highlighting writers that were overlooked by the mainstream critical establishment. Initially, the press published works that were featured in the Review but eventually branched out to other works, including original works that had not before been published. Along with the Review of Contemporary Fiction and CONTEXT magazine, the Dalkey Archive now operates under the aegis of the Center for Contemporary Book Culture, based in Normal, Illinois. The Center is closely associated with Illinois State University and depends upon donors and endowments for most of its funding.

Modeled on such publishers as Grove Press and New Directions, the Dalkey Archive's emphasis is decidedly upon literary fiction, usually of a modernist or postmodernist bent. In the publisher's own words, the Dalkey Archive "place[s] a heavy emphasis upon fiction that belongs to the experimental tradition of Sterne, Joyce, Rabelais, Flann O'Brien, Beckett, Gertrude Stein and Djuna Barnes." One of the publisher's primary goals is to keep all of its books in print, regardless of commercial success, in the interest of maintaining the availability of works that are deemed culturally and educationally valuable. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dalkey_Archive_Press [Aug 2006]

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