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David Lavery

By medium: Grotesque bibliography - academic - grotesque


David Lavery is an American born academic in English. One of his research areas is the grotesque. He is the author of "News From Africa: Fellini/Grotesque." Post Script 9.1 & 2 (1990): 82-98.

His website is http://davidlavery.net/. [Aug 2006]

Visual artists and writers of the Grotesque

This is a list of artists, movements and theorists sourced here, for a Wikipedia list (of which I have excluded the entries on Philip Thomson's list), see here.

Compared to Thomson's list, this list is more concerned with the twentieth century. Obviously missing from it is La Fura Dels Baus.

Major Artists and Theorists of the Grotesque

Charles Addams (cartoonist) Sherwood Anderson (writer) Diane Arbus (photographer) Giuseppe Arcimboldo (painter) Aristophanes (playwright) Antonin Artaud (playwright, theorist) Richard Avedon (photographer) Francis Bacon (painter) Walter Bagehot (critic/theorist) Mikhail Bakhtin (critic/theorist) J. G. Ballard (writer) John Barth (writer) Georges Bataille (critic/theorist) Aubrey Beardsley (painter) Beavis & Butt-head (cartoon series) Samuel Beckett (playwright, novelist) Gottfried Benn (poet) Ambrose Bierce (writer) Hieronymous Bosch (painter) T. Coraghessan Boyle (writer) Constantin Brancusi (sculptor) Bertolt Brecht (playwright) Robert Browning (poet) Peter Bruegel, the Elder (painter) Charles Bukowski (poet) Luis Bunuel (filmmaker) William Burroughs (writer) Robert Burton (writer, physician) Tim Burton (filmmaker) Wilhelm Busch (cartoonist) Elias Canetti (writer) Caricature Lewis Carroll (writer) Celebrity Death Match (animated television series) G. K. Chesterton (writer and critic) Joel and Ethan Coen (filmmakers) Commedia dell'arte (theatrical form) Harry Crews (writer) David Cronenberg (filmmaker) Robert Crumb (cartoonist) Salvadore Dali (painter) Honoré Daumier (artist/caricaturist) Willem DeKooning (painter) Charles Dickens (writer) Otto Dix (painter) Jean Dubuffet (painter) J. P. Donleavy (writer) Friedrich Durrenmatt (playwright) Easter Island Sculptures El Greco (painter) James Ensor (painter) The Far Side (cartoon) The Farrelly Brothers (filmmakers) William Faulkner (writer) Federico Fellini (filmmaker) Leslie Fiedler (critic/theorist) Howard Finster (painter) Gargoyles (sculpture) Jean Genet (writer) Terry Gilliam (filmmaker) Nikolai Gogol (writer) Francisco Goya (painter) Grand Guignol (theatrical form) Robert Graves (poet) Günter Grass (writer) Peter Greenaway (filmmaker) George Grosz (painter) Joseph Heller (writer) E. T. A. Hoffmann (writer) William Hogarth (artist) Victor Hugo (writer, theorist) Eugene Ionesco (playwright) Derek Jarman (filmmaker) Jim Jarmusch (filmmaker) Alfred Jarry (playwright) Alejandro Jodorowsky (filmmaker) Franz Kafka (writer) Frida Kahlo (painter) Wolfgang Kayser (critic/theorist) Alfred Kubin (painter) Lautréamont (writer) Edward Lear (comic poet) Tom Lehrer (singer/songwriter) The Limerick (verse form) H. P. Lovecraft (horror writer) David Lynch (filmmaker) Mad Magazine (magazine) Magic Realism (literary style) René Magritte (painter) Robert Mapplethorpe (photographer) Carson McCullers (writer) Mexican Muralists (painters) Monthy Python's Flying Circus (comedy troupe) Henry Moore (sculptor) Christian Morgenstern (poet) The Movies Mr. Bill (claymation) Helmut Newton (photographer) Joyce Carol Oates (writer and critic) Flannery O'Connor (writer and critic) Joe Orton (playwright) Chuck Palahniuk (writer) Harold Pinter (playwright) Edgar Allan Poe (writer) Rabelais (writer) Raphael (painter) Ren and Stimpy (cartoon series) Jean-Paul Richter (writer) Rochester, Earl of (poet) Philip Roth (writer) John Ruskin (critic/theorist) Ken Russell (filmmaker) Sacred Clowns Sick Joke Cycles N. F. Simpson (playwright) The Simpsons (animated television series) Patti Smith (rock singer) Tobias Smollet (writer) Todd Solondz (filmmaker) South Park (cartoon series) SRL: Survival Research Laboratories (performance artists) Ralph Steadman (artist) Stelarc (performance artist) Laurence Sterne (writer) Igor Stravinsky (composer) Surrealism and Dada (critic/theorist) Jan Svankmajer (filmmaker) Jonathan Swift (writer) John Addington Symonds Talking Heads (rock group) Quentin Tarantino (filmmaker) Theatre of the Absurd (theatre movement) Dylan Thomas (poet) Hunter Thompson (writer) John Kennedy Toole (writer) Amos Tutuola (writer) Urban Legends Mark Twain (writer) John Waters (filmmaker) Evelyn Waugh (writer) Weegee (photographer) William Wegman (photographer) Nathanael West (writer) Wisconsin Death Trip (photography) Without Sanctuary: Postcards and Photographs of Lynching in America

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