David Piccioni

David Piccioni formed Azuli in 1990 while working in Black Market Records in Soho London (which he owns with Nicky Blackmarket). After being a DJ in The World, Red Zone and Mars in New York in the late Eighties Dave made good use of his knowledge of the House scene. Utilising the wealth of demos that customers would bring into the shop looking for elusive record deals, he created an outlet for 'American' sounding house that were few and far between in the UK at the time. David simply agreed to press the records up and sell them out of a few independent shops, and thus Azuli was born.

Azuli has been committed to releasing quality underground dance music ever since, and almost by accident has grown into a company that has supplied hits for almost every major label in the UK, hits including David Morales - 'Needing You', D'Menace's 'Spank', Indo's 'R U Sleeping'. As managing director and head of A&R, David still specialises in sourcing talent at its earliest stage and manages to bring together both established producers and new new talent. -- Azuli website, Feb 2004

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