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DAZZLE: Dazzle (De-Lite DSR-9514 - 1979)

Walk Before You Run/It's Not the Same/All

You Dazzle Me/Reaching/Slipped Disco

One of the best and most consistant Disco albums ever made - a rarity perhaps because Disco was more a 12inch single culture and only the more serious producers put their talents to album projects. Most Disco albums tend to have a shortened version of a hit single and then 4 or 5 sub-standard fillers. Dazzle from the later days of Disco has only 1 filler and nearly ALL the tracks are hits! Produced by Stan Lucas and the legendary Leroy Burgess Dazzle contains the uplifting and uptempo classic You Dazzle Me with Lucas on lead vocals and edits by Jellybean as well as the slightly slower boogie tempo classics Walk Before You Run featuring Jocelyn Brown and Reaching featuring the unmistakeable Burgess himself. The uplifting nature is all down to the joyous, carefree vocalists and the string and horn arrangements by Disco legend Patrick Adams. -- Kirk Degiorgio

Stan Lucas

i have just received word that a member of my musical family has passed. stan lucas, the guitarist, played on just about every hit recording i produced between 1974 and 1986. when we met he was on the road with gladys knight and the pips as their music director. in time, i learned that he was truly a magician in the studio. His sense of rhythm and his sweet licks added a special flavor to every recording he touched. his body of work as a musician, writer and record producer will live on forever. i wonder if they allow electric guitars in heaven? - patrick adams
http://www.deepdisco.com/cgi-bin/ax.pl?http://fmfc.ezenet.com:21480/ramgen/disco/walk_before_you_run.smil?mode=compact Walk Before You Run - Jocelyn Brown on vocals, stream from http://www.deepdisco.com

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