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Deborah Ryder

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Half Dressed, She Obeyed: Erotic Fiction (1993) - Deborah Ryder
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A collection of erotic fiction representing female masochism. Written by Deborah Ryder, introduced by Tuppy Owens and illustrated by Trevor Brown.

I believe that our enjoyment is triggered in this way because of some individual connections in our brains, some mysterious neurons which make these people called sado-masochists find their delight in the infliction and/or receiving of pain and humiliation (in a sexual context -- that proviso is all-important). --Deborah Ryder


Deborah Ryder is 47, although with her slim body and radiant complexion she does not look it. Since she was very young, Ryder has been a masochist. Her many published works include Half Dressed, She Obeyed —a collection of erotic fiction representing the most powerful female masochistic writing since Pat Califa's Macho Sluts.

Born in and still somewhat emotionally attached to Yorkshire, England, Ryder lived in London for some time, then migrated to Scotland when multiple sclerosis forced her into giving up her career in a finance company. Ryder is a member of the Outsiders—a club for people with disabilities seeking partners. She believes that no one should have to give up sex simply because they are disabled. --http://www.t0.or.at/dolores/tales/ryder.htm [Sept 2006]

Writing Sado-masochistic Pornography: A Woman's Defence

I am a writer: my sexual preference is masochism. I write books about sado-masochism because I enjoy doing it and writing about it, and because my readers enjoy reading about it. I am liberated because I do my own thing, though it paradoxically involves being the opposite of liberated for the duration of the session. Everyone needs a retreat into fantasy; this safety-valve makes him/her more competent in the real world and drastically reduces the chances that he (or she) would seek to translate the fantasy into reality.

We hear of the criminal who pleads "pornography drove me to it". He has been caught. His advisers are seeking to mitigate his sentence. Offer the Establishment a different target (a target which they are delighted to attack) and reduce the offender's culpability at the same time. Neither the accusers nor the accused enquire into the validity of the excuse because neither wants its fallacy exposed.

If a person is going to rape and/or kill, the problem was in his head long before he read a book or saw a video. But some of us take on Society's hang-ups and feel guilty about our own desires. I did not choose to be a masochist; just as people did not choose to be gay or any other variation from the normal (whatever "normal" is). Not that it would be "wrong" if one had decided to be different, but very few people can make a conscious choice about their sexual preferences. --source

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