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Deep house music

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"Strictly speaking, 'Deep House' is the name give to classic house from Chicago and New York in the same vein as Frankie Knuckles' 1987 LP 'Deep House' from which the name originates. Though I am undoubtedly venturing into highly controversial waters, I will venture to say that currently, deep house has meaning mostly as a counterpoint to more aggressive house sub-genres like hard house. As a name referring to a stand-alone genre, I therefore find 'Deep House' quite meaningless."

However, an exception can be made for Larry Heard who is credited with creating the blueprint for deep house. Beginning with a spacey, downtempo piece of synth heaven called "Mysteries of Love" as Mr. Fingers in 1985, Larry Heard has set the standard that many deep house producers follow to this day. The Larry Heard musical library consists of a combination of sparsely produced but lush instrumentals and emotionally powerful vocals. [Sept 2006]


Deep house is a style of house music. It is loosely defined by the following characteristics that distinguish it from most other forms of house music:

Not all of these need to be present or fully satisfied in order for house music to be called "deep house"; fans of the style typically just identify it by its subjective "feel" rather than by the presence or absence of specific elements.

The term "deep house" first appeared in the music press in the late 1980s, usually in reference to the music of Larry Heard. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep_house [Jun 2005]

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