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Le Fantôme de la liberté - (1974) Luis Buñuel

Bourgeois couples discuss defecation around a toilet-lined table but consider "food" a taboo. They excuse themselves to eat food in private.


Defecation, or feceation, is the act of eliminating solid or semisolid waste material from the digestive tract. Humans remove waste anywhere from several times daily to a few times weekly; sloths can go for a week or more without eliminating. Waves of muscular contraction known as peristalsis in the walls of the colon move fecal matter through the digestive tract towards the rectum. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defecation [Sept 2004]

Le Fantôme de la liberté - (1974) Luis Buñuel

One of Luis Bunuel's most free-form and purely Surrealist films, consisting of a series of only vaguely related episodes - most famously, the dinner party scene where people sit on lavatories round a dinner table on, occasionally retiring to a little room to eat. - Michael Brooke

Luis Bunuel's flair for perverse surrealism and his malicious attacks on conventional morality were fully realized in his second to last film, Le Fantome de la Liberte (The Phantom of Liberty), produced in France in 1974--almost fifty years after Un Chien Andalou. Fantome in many ways functioned as a sort of sequel to his 1972 film, Le Channe Discret de la Bourgeoisie (The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie). The images are astounding and playfully absurd: Spanish hostages of the Napoleonic war cry "Down with Freedom!" as they are executed. A French lieutenant fondles the statue of a beautiful noblewoman and is struck on the head by another statue. Bourgeois couples discuss defecation around a toilet-lined table but consider "food" an impolite topic, and so on.--Bryan M. Papciak

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