Deyan Sudjic

Deyan Sudjic

Born September 6, 1952, London, England.


Graduated in architecture, Edinburgh University, 1976.


Critic, journalist and editor.
Established BluePrint magazine, an international monthly review of architecture and design in 1983, and has worked as its editor ever since. Editorial director, Wordsearch Publications working on a list of architecture and design monographs, and a small group of magazines.
Appointed visiting professor at the Academy of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria in 1993, teaching a course in design theory.
Architecture critic, The Guardian Newspaper, London since 1990.


The 100 Mile City, published by Harcourt Brace in the USA in 1993, and in the UK in 1992.
Cult Heroes, London 1991.
Rei Kawabuko and Comme des Garcons, London 1990.
Ron Arad, Restless Furniture, 1989.
New Directions in British Architecture: Foster, Rogers and Stirling , London 1989.
Cult Objects, 1985.


Curated: Mapping the millenium at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London 1993
Four Barcelona Studios, Architectural Association, 1992
The Public Realm, Heinz Gallery, London 1989
Metropolis at the the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London 1988
New Directions in British Architecture, Royal Academy 1986


Member international advisory panel, the Aspen Design Conference, since 1992.
Advisor to the Yokohama Design Centre since 1991
Member Marlboro Design Panel


  1. Cult Objects: The Complete Guide to Having It All (1985) - Deyan Sudjic [FR] [DE] [UK]
    Design in the 80s had been characterized by limited author's series (or solitaires) of furniture, promoted through a specialized network of galleries. Furniture pieces became cult objects as a result of medialization using famous designer names. On the other hand, in the case of designing for large-scale production, designers had often been obedient subordinates to marketing and advertisement specialists and superficial effects were preferred to a deeper focus on the very functional characteristics of the product. In the atmosphere of relative economic prosperity, hedonism had prevailed over morals. After a promising start in the previous decade the "humanistic design" had not developed as expected with respect to the civilization needs and only the economic recession in the 90s revived the interest in the values thereof.

  2. From Matt Black to Memphis and Back Again (1989) - Deyan Sudjic (editor) [FR] [DE] [UK]
    A Blueprint magazine anthology edited by Deyan Sudjic.

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