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Dick O' Dell


Dick O'Dell is the United Kingdom based record label owner of Y Records, who published Pigbag in the early 1980s. He has been the manager of The Slits and The Pop Group. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dick_O%27Dell [Aug 2005]

Y Records

Y Records is the label of Dick O'Dell, once manager of the Popgroup. A truly independant label, in other words, in no way allied to a large record company. Although there is a distribution contact with Rough Trade. With Pigbag's hit, Papa's Got a Brand New Pigbag, he had a great victory, through which space arose for less commercial products. The group Shriekback is his latest trumpcard, who recently made their debut with the mini L.P. Tench.

Moreover, much is expected from the group of nine women, Pulsallama, with the single Ungawa Part II. The 10" from the trio Mouth is also striking, a record that is playable at different speeds. The most original title for sometime is undoubtedly Dining at Dzerzhinsky's (H.Q. of the KGB), a single from Christopher Reeves. O'Dell conducts a label on which a lot is possible; from the better selling Pigbag to an L.P. like Litanies of Satan from the contemporary opera singer Diamanda Galas. Into which category O'Dell's future solo-single (with among others Daniel 'Mute' Muller) will fit is difficult to predict. --http://www.shriekback.com/mag_vinyl.htm [Aug 2005]

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