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Film director

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Roger Corman, maverick film director

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[Apr 2005]


A film director directs the artistic and dramatic aspects of a film. The role typically includes:

In practice the director will delegate many of these responsibilities to other members of his film crew. For example, the director may describe the mood she or he wants from a scene, then leave it to other members of the film crew to find a suitable location, or to set up the appropriate lighting.

The degree of control that a director exerts over a film varies greatly. Many directors are essentially subordinate to the studio. This was especially true during the "Golden Era" of Hollywood from the 1930s through the 1950s, when studios had stables of directors, actors and writers under contract.

Other directors bring a particular artistic vision to the pictures they make (see auteur theory). Their methods range from some who like to outline a general plot line and let the actors improvise dialogue (such as Robert Altman and Christopher Guest), to those who control every aspect, and demand that the actors and crew follow instructions precisely (such as Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick). Some directors also write their own scripts (such as Paul Thomas Anderson and Quentin Tarantino), while others collaborate on screenplays with long-standing writing partners (such as Billy Wilder and his writing partner I.A.L. Diamond.) Finally, certain directors star, often in leading roles, in their films, from Orson Welles to Woody Allen to Mel Brooks.

Directors often work closely with film producers, who are usually responsible for the non-artistic elements of the film, such as financing, contract negotiation and marketing. Directors will often take on some of the responsibilities of the producer for their films (e.g. Steven Spielberg), or work so closely with the producer that the distinction in their roles becomes blurred (as is the case with Joel and Ethan Coen). The early silent film director Alice Guy Blaché not only produced her own pictures but actually created her own highly successful studio. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Film_director [Oct 2004]

History of film in 100 directors (1899 - 2004) [...]

From Edison to P.T. Anderson, click the next buttons to see the presentation.

Auteur theory [...]

Auteur is French for author. Since the 1950s, when auteur theory in cinema was first brought forward, it has acquired the meaning (in cinema) of directors whose imprint on a movie is strongly felt. --jahsonic, Jan 2004

Female filmmakers and the myth of romantic love

[...] Breillat's work belongs to a genre of films, directed by women, in which female protagonists peel back the seductive myths of romantic love in an attempt to discover the meaning of sexuality for themselves -- no matter how delightful or degrading their experiences. These films include: Carine Adler's Under The Skin, Davida Allen's Feeling Sexy, Bette Gordon's Variety, Jackie Burrough's A Winter Tan, Monika Treut's The Virgin Machine.--Barbara Creed

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