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Disco Juice

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Disco Juice is a two volume compilation of tracks released on the many labels Peter Brown and Patrick Adams ran from the mid seventies to the early eighties. [Nov 2006]

Disco Juice Vol. 1 (2000) - Various

Disco Juice Vol. 1 (2000) - Various [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

  • Johnson Products - Johnson Jumpin`
  • Licky - African Rock
  • Chain Reaction - Dance Freak
  • Clyde Alexander - Got To Have Your Love
  • Queen Yahna - Ain`t it Time
  • L.J. Waiters - Hooked On Your Line
  • Peter Jackson - Feel The Spirit full track
  • Scott Davis - N.Y. Applejack
  • Jessie Gould - Out Of Work
  • Paper Doll - Get Down Boy
  • Cloud One - Disco Juice
  • Cloud One - Flying High
  • Cloud One - Patti Duke

    'Disco Juice' is a handpicked collection of tracks that came out of Peter Brown & Patrick Adams' Harlem based P&P label and it's associates from the mid to late 70's. Compiled by DJ/record dealer, Nick The Record, who has one of the best 12" single collection in the World, and owns most of the P&P catalogue. This compilation makes the point that disco was very much a street level thing. Many of it's greatest moments came out on independent labels, and were geared primarly towards a marginalised audiance of blacks, hispanics and gays. P&P's music had the classic virtues of the best black American music: funk and soul, a world away from the anaemic generic disco fodder that poured out in the wake of 'Saturday Night Fever'. --http://www.counterpointrecords.co.uk/docs/display_album.php?id=4 [Jul 2006]

    Disco Juice Vol. 2 (2002) - Various

    Disco Juice Vol. 2 (2002) - Various [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

    1. High Fidelity-Magic Carpet 2. Florence Miller-The Groove I'm In listen 3. Lanier-25 Hours * 4. Ahzz-New York Moving 5. Margo's Kool Out Crew-Death Rap 6. Shift-Roller Rink Funk 7. Willie Wood & Crew-Willie Rap 8. Super-Jay-Super-Jay Love Theme * 9. Jesse Henderson-I Did It Again listen 10. Golden Flamingo Orch Featuring Margo Williams-The Guardian Angel Is Watching Over Us listen 11. Lavaba & E. Mallison-Game Of Life 12. Cloud One-Dust To Dust

    After the success of 'Disco Juice', we have once again enlisted Nick The Record to dig deep into the P&P back catalogue to unearth yet more lost masterpieces. Whereas the first volume had it's feet firmly set in the disco and jazz-funk era, volume 2 takes a broader look at the label's diverse output, covering northern and modern soul (Florence Miller's 'The Groove I'm In' and Jesse Henderson's 'I Did It Again') to the early days of rap, when P&P still managed to invest the genre with the same quirky sensibility which made it's music sound like it was being beamed down via satellite rather than coming from anything so banal as a studio. This compilation is proof that dance music has all of the substance and sumptuousness that rock critics like to invest in dreary concept albums. --http://www.counterpointrecords.co.uk/docs/display_album.php?id=10 [Jul 2006]

    Counterpoint Records

    Excellent comp on http://www.counterpointrecords.co.uk, compiled by Nick the Record (of Soul Ascendants fame), sleevenotes written by John McCready.


    Though many have tried, it's hard to free disco of the negative associations that have shadowed it. "Disco Sucks", they still say. Boney M and Baccara, Syndrum mania and shallow glamour. It's not real music; it always sounds the same. I could invite you round to my house and play you 1000 records which would open your eyes to a world of music as rich and as meaningful as any revered in rock or jazz or whatever else you care to write post-grad theses around. But you'd want to bring your mates and I haven't the room, or the teabags. Instead, you should purchase this record immediately- an empirical document no less, and witness to the fact that there is more to disco than the Brothers Gibb and the glitterball conceits of Hollywood directors.

    It is likely- unless you are the kind of disco aficionado who is just one step away from standing on a railway platform with a notepad in hand- that you will perhaps have heard only one or two of the tracks contained here. It is simply criminal that this music is not up there with the often cited classics of the Salsoul, West End and Prelude cannons. Track after track will stun you into silence as the distinctive sound of two men on a very particular Ruff Disco mission make a case for this music with a raft of tracks which, though recorded mostly in the late 70s, still sound tough enough to make anyone's exacting grade. --John McCready via http://www.mccready.cwc.net/patrick.html [Jul 2006]

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