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Disco samples in house

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Below is a list of records that have been sampled or remade for various house tunes. The ones marked with an asterisk are some of the most heavily sampled, but their isn't enough room for them all. Some of the samples are used really creatively; most, however are not. Check out the originals and judge for yourself.
Artist Title Sampled by:
*Ecstacy, Passion, and Pain "Touch and Go" JX--"Son of a Gun"
*First Choice "Let No Man Put Asunder" Kerri Chandler--"Power"
First Choice "Love Thang" Paul Johnson--"It's a Love Thang"
Ian Pooley--"Higgledy Piggledy"
*Loleatta Holloway "Love Sensation" Romanthony--"Ministry of Love"
*Loose Joints "Is It All Over my Face?" DJ Sneak--"All Over My Face"
Teddy Pendergrass "You Can't Hide From Yourself" DJ Sneak--"You Can't Hide From Your Bud"
Groove Armada--"I See You Baby "(rmx)
Salsoul Orchestra "Take Some Time Out for Love" Dave Angel--"Funk Music" (DJ Tonka rmx)
Al Hudson and the Soul Partners "Spread Love" Black Sun--"Spread Love"
Roy Ayers "Running Away" Alex Purkhart--"Music's Hypnotizin'"
Hispanic Syndicate Empire--"Funk Music"
Raw Silk "Do It to the Music" Alex Purkhart--"Music's Hypnotizin'"
T-Connection "Do What You Wanna Do" Trouble Men--"Do It"
The Rurals--"Mama Sub"
The Strikers "Body Music" Full Intention--"I Need Your Love"
Unlimited Touch "It Ain't No Big Thing" Paul Johnson--"No Big Thang"
Michelle Weeks--"Don't Give Up" (rmx)
The Crusaders "Street Life" Stacy Kidd--"Street Melody"
I:Cube--"Disco Cubizm"
The Crusaders "My Lady" Cricco Castelli--"Life is Changing"
Wood, Brass and Steel "Funkanova" DJ Chunkabud--"Chunkanova"
Black Science Orchestra--"New Jersey Deep"
Aquarian Dream "Phoenix" Studio 54--"Freak It!"
Peech Boys "Don't Make Me Wait" (tons of records)
GQ "Disco Nights" (tons of records)
The Strikers "Body Music" Full Intention--"I Need Your Love
*Chic "Dance, Dance, Dance" DJ Sneak--"Polyester EP vol.2"
Earth People--"Dance"
BT Express "Does it Feel Good to You?" Phats 'n' Small--"Feel Good"
*InDeep "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life" Gant Gerrard--"You Gotta Get Up"
Daft DJ--"Last Night"
King Britt--"Last Night a DJ Saved My Life"
Patti LaBelle "Music is my Way of Life" Bini & Martini--"Music is my Life"
Johnny Fiasco--"EZ Tracks Vol. 1"
Experiment--"Music Is My Way Of Life"
*MFSB "Love is the Message" Cricco Castelli--"What's the Message?"
DJ Sneak--"The Message"
Family Tree "Family Tree" Mighty Dub Katz--"Just a Groove"
Cloud One "Disco Juice" Mighty Dub Katz--"Just Another Groove"
"Dem Rats"
Olav Basoski--"Disco Juice"
Two Man Sound "¿Que Tal America?" A Man Called Adam--"¿Que Tal America?"
Ministers de la Funk--"Believe"
Stargard "Wear it Out" Pete Heller--"Big Love"
Harvey Mason "Groovin' You" Gusto--"Disco's Revenge"
Carl Bean "I Was Born This Way" Earth People--Dance
Mixxvibes--"Just Can't Get Enough"
Rick Garcia--"Fly Away"
Lonnie Liston-Smith "Expansions" DJ Sneak--"Expandin' your mind"
Sandy Rivera--"Expansions '97"
Dexter Wansel "Life on Mars" Angel Alanis--"Chi's Revenge"
Gary's Gang "Let's Lovedance Tonight" Soulsearcher--"I Can't Get Enough"
Patrice Rushen "Haven't You Heard?" Daddy's Favourite--"I Feel Good Things For You"
Sylvester "I Need You" GU--"I Need GU"
Bini & Martini--"Happiness"
Cuba Gooding "Happiness is Just Around the Bend" Bini & Martini--"Happiness"
Sylvester "Dance (Disco Heat)" Byron Stingly--"Come On Get Up Everybody"
Fela Kuti "Shakara" Claudio Coccoluto--"It's a New Funky"
Musique "Keep on Jumpin'" Todd Terry--"Keep on Jumpin'"
Lisa Marie Experience--"Keep on Jumpin'"
Black Ivory "Mainline" Barbara Tucker--"Stop Playin' with my Mind" (rmx)
Gene Farris--"Mainline"
Chicago "Street Player" The Bucketheads--"The Bomb"
MFSB "TSOP (The Sound of Philidelphia)" Peppermint Jam Allstars--"Check it Out"
Salsoul Orchestra "Runaway" Nuyorican Soul--Runaway
Thelma Houston "Here I Am Baby" Powerhouse Feat. Duane Harden--"What U Need"
Hamilton Bohannon "Foot Stompin' Music" Todd Edwards--"Stronger"
Brass Construction "Movin'" DJ Sneak--"Higher"
MAW--"Got Myself Together"
Sergio Mendes "Batucada" Spiller--"Batucada"
Gil Scott Heron "Home is Where the Hatred is" Mateo & Matos--"Home"
Gwen McCrae "All This Love I'm Givin'" Cassius--"Feeling for You"
Exodus "Together Forever" Eddie Amadour--"House Music"
Airto Moriera "Celebration Suite" The Heartists--"Belo Horizonti"
Intruders "I'll Always Love My Mama" Gene Farris--"Mama's House"
Machine "There But For The Grace of God Go I" Love Tribe--"Stand Up"
The O'Jays "I Love Music" Disco-texx--"I love Music"
Atmosfear "Motivation" The Bucketheads--"I Wanna Know"
T-Connection "Midnight" Fantom--"Faithful"
Bob James "Westchester Lady" Michael Lange--"Brothers and Sisters"
Chic "I Want Your Love" Moodyman--"I Can't Kick this Feeling When it Hits"
Inner Life "Moment of my Life" Bobby D'Ambrosio--"Moment of my Life"
Brass construction "Happy People" Cheek--"Venus"(Sunshine People Mix)
Donna Summer "If it Hurts Just a Little" Cassius--"1999"
Stephanie Mills "Put Your body in it" Chicago Conneciton--"Dancin'"(Mark Grant mix)
Change "The Glow of Love" Phats & Small--"Turn Around"
Tony Lee "Reach Up" Phats & Small--"Turn Around"
Carrie Lucas "Dance With You" Armand Van Helden--"You Don't Know Me"
Michael Jackson "Off the Wall" Deaf 'n' Dumb Crew--"Tonite"
Donna McClean "Smack Dab in the Middle" The Kleptomaniacs--"Funk it Up"
Locksmith "Far Beyond" Basement Jaxx--"Red Alert"
Gene Chandler "When You're Number One" CZR--"Southside Chicago"
Roy Ayers "Everybody Loves the Sunshine" Full Intention--"Everybody Loves the Sunshine"
Marlena Shaw "Woman of the Ghetto" Blueboy--"Remember Me"

This list is by no means complete. When possible, I avoid disco dubs like the Plague so There's probably a bunch of new records that I'm not familiar with. If you are curious to know where your favorite track comes from, or if you know the originals of any records not listed, please e-mail me at morgannunan@hotmail.com

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    1. Sampled (2000)- Various Artists [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]
      1. Troubled So Hard-Vera Hall 2. Take Yo' Praise-Camille Yarbrough 3. It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next To Me-Barry White 4. I Got The..-Labi Siffre 5. Old Cape Cod-Patti Page 6. The Magic Number-Bob Dorough 7. Woman Of The Ghetto-Marlena Shaw 8. Think (About It)-Lyn Collins 9. Funky Drummer-James Brown 10. Who Is He And What Is He To You?-Creative Source 11. Chase The Devil-Max Romeo And The Upsetters 12. Why?-Carly Simon 13. Superfreak-Rick James 14. I'm Coming Out-Diana Ross 15. Good Times-Chic 16. Rose Royce-Is It Love You're After? 17. Musique-Keep On Jumpin' 18. I Can't Go For That-Hall & Oates 19. Buddy X-Neneh Cherry 20. Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime-The Korgis 21. Love Is You-Carol Williams 22. Fate-Chaka Khan 23. Let Me Down Easy-Rare Pleasure 24. Soup For One-Chic 25. Reach Up-Toney Lee 26. Expansions-Lonnie Liston Smith 27. Celebration Suite-Airto 28. The Beat Goes On-Buddy Rich 29. Sliced Tomatoes-Just Brothers 30. Bring Down The Birds-Herbie Hancock 31. Soul Bossa Nova (Original Mix)-Quincy Jones 32. Sway-Rosemary Clooney 33. Ain't There Something Money Can't Buy-Young Holt Unlimited 34. Grandma's Hand's-Bill Withers 35. Hercules-Aaron Neville 36. Ike's Rap II-Isaac Hayes 37. Be Thankful For What You've Got-William De Vaughn 38. Cantaloupe Island-Herbie Hancock 39. Is It Because I'm Black-Sly Johnson 40. Stratus-Billy Cobham
      This is a great compilation of rare tracks that have been sampled by the great and not so great (Moby, Fatboy Slim, Robbie Williams, LL Cool J, Gang Starr, Massive Attack - who get 2 (1) entries!), from old-skool disco (Musique, Carol Williams, Creative Source), reggae (the Prodigy-sampled Max Romeo's Chase the Devil), blaxploitation-style jazz and funk (Lonnie Liston Smith, Young Holt Unlimited, Herbie Hancock, Marlena Shaw) , to cheesy 50's songs (Patti Page)!
      Loads of snippets these songs have turned up on dance, pop, and hip-hop tracks...yes even the infamous (and litigious!) Funky Drummer by James Brown is here!
      Really the shocking thing is how much better most of these songs are than the modern sampled versions, and how much they use these songs as a 'crutch' and rely on their relative obscurity of mainly black artist originals...I mean Rockafeller Skank by Fatboy Slim IS Sliced tomatoes by the Just brothers, with an annoying shouty vocal and modern drums. Nothing original there, but the track the sample's taken from is great funky ska-inflected surfer style groove. And Moby's lifted whole vocal segments from Troubled so hard by Vera Hall for his 'Natural Blues'. What's the originality in stealing whole chunks from a emotional spiritual/gospel tune with no backing music?!?
      Other standout tracks are Marlena Shaw's 'Woman of the Ghetto' (sampled for Blueboy's 'Remember Me' which cruelly took all of the black-power politics OUT and used the ding-ding-ga-ding vocal!), Ain't there something money can't buy by Young holt unlimited, sampled by Gang Starr's Love sick, but an equally or better track...and much more political than the hip-hop track.
      Take Yo' Praise by Camille Yarbrough, again ripped off by Fatboy Slim for the vocal to 'Praise You', the only redeeming feature being that he's brought to our attention a great track that otherwise may be overlooked...Soup for One by Chic which became the ultra-cheesy Lady by Modjo, and Expansions by Lonnie Liston Smith, for which the bass groove was taken for the equally sample-political 'Talkin' all that Jazz' by Stetsasonic...
      The one thing that does amaze is the tiny loops that go to make up whole songs, and for this I think there is some originality, rather than Fatboy's and Moby's lifting of whole vocal riffs: that filter-disco-groove that made Stardust's Music Sounds Better with You so cool is actually a tiny snippet from Fate by Chaka Khan, and similarly an amazing usse of a miniscule sample is Spiller's Groovejet which uses a tiny intro bit and congas from the disco-soul of Love is you by Carol Williams. This kind of reconstruction I can see some worth and skill in, like Black Box totally recreating another track from Loleatta Hollaway's Love Sensation; actually an amazing technical (if dubious) task.
      I'd highly recommend this double CD set: the sum of the whole of this compilation equals much more than all of the more famous tracks put together.
      These tracks and artists deserve much more recognition than a 2-second riff...it's ideal for sample trainspotters, but it's not an academic exercise as the original tunes are so great that ANYBODY should have this. --timbearcub / tim baker for amazon.com

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