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Doug Wimbish (1956 - )

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Recordings: Funkanova

American musician Doug Wimbish is perhaps best known as the bassist in the house band of Sylvia Robinson's legendary rap label Sugar Hill, backing Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five on their epochal Message album, among many others. He was also involved in the massive jazz-funk hit "Funkanova" by Wood Brass and Steel. He would also work with Adrian Sherwood's Tackhead, together with Bernard Fowler of Peech Boys fame. Doug was a member of Mark Stewart And The Maffia, backing on seminal LPs like 'Mark Stewart' and 'Metatron'. [Jan 2007]


Doug Wimbish (born September 22, 1956) is a bass guitar player, primarily known for his studio work for the rap/hip hop label Sugarhill Records and his membership of the band Living Colour. He has played for a vast range of artists, among which Mick Jagger, Madonna, George Clinton, and Mos Def. Wimbish is considered to be a pioneer in hip hop bass playing and in the use of effects with bass playing. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doug_Wimbish [Feb 2005]

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