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Duke Reid (1915? - 1974)


Duke Reid was a Jamaican record producer, DJ and label owner. He ran one of the most popular sound systems of the 1950s and founded Trojan Records [I believe this is incorrect, the name of his label was Treasure Isle and the name of his soundsystem was "The Trojan"], which released many extremely popular calypso music, jump blues and American R&B singles in the late 1950s. In the 1960s, Reid founded a series of other labels that signed many of the most important ska and reggae artists. He was still extremely active in the 1970s, working with legendary dub artist U-Roy. He died in 1974 after having suffered from a severe illness for the last year. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duke_Reid, Apr 2004


Duke Reid was one of the first producers of early music that came out of Jamaica. Born Arthur Reid at around 1915 in Jamaica, he brought and owned a liquor store on Bond street, Kingston with his wife named Lucille(The Duchess). Duke Reid served in the Jamaican police force and had a love of music which included Jazz and R&B. This love of music was shown on the radio show he hosted called "Treasure Isle Time", the theme tune for the Duke's show was Tab's Smith's "My Mother's Eye's".

The Duke would play old 78's on and very soon he would own his own sound system which would play at his liquor store (called Tresure Isle) and eventually he would tour the Island playing to huge crowds hungry for music and respite from poor conditions. As the huge sound system was taken around the Island it coined the nickname, "The Trojan" along with the other great early producer and close rival Coxsone Dodd history was beginning to be made.--http://www.btinternet.com/~ranksreggaerevival/dukereidpage.htm, accessed Apr 2004

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