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Dutch erotica

Suck - First European Sexpaper (1970 - )

First Sex Newspaper: Suck

When we returned in the spring, Peter and Graham had solidified their position and Bill had finally been asked to leave. He had grown increasingly reclusive and had finally just holed up with all the work for one issue in Nigel's flat, refusing to talk to anyone until he had personally passed on every detail of the writing and layout. This was too much for everyone, and we all breathed a sigh of relief when he left. I still found him an engaging person, however, and a year later, after my return from New York, I was to agree to write an article for Europe's first sex newspaper called SUCK, to be published from Amsterdam, as it was too hot for an English printer to handle. Bill got himself permanently tossed out of England for this paper, as he had personally brought several hundred copies over on the Channel Ferry. -- Alexander Gross http://language.home.sprynet.com/otherdex/60snigel.htm [Sept 2004]

Wet Dream Film Festival (1970) - Amsterdam

Wet Dream Film Festival (1970) - Amsterdam

The first Wet Dream Film Festival, which took place in the autumn of 1970, was a very, very big success. All of Amsterdam wanted to go, but people came from Rome, Tokyo, New York, London, Brussels, Paris; from all over Europe they came. We sold out [Suck magazine] immediately; we could have sold out many, many times over. The Festival had an incredible warmth and everybody had a very, very good time.

We had a kind of Who's Who jury including Germaine Greer, Jay Landesman, Richard Neville, Michael Zwerin, a wonderful model from Germany, Didi Wadidi and Al Goldstein, the editor and publisher of Screw magazine in New York. --http://www.jim-haynes.com/BooksbyJim/TFC-chapters/Ch_5.htm

Turks Fruit/Turkish Delight (1973) - Paul Verhoeven

still from Turks Fruit/Turkish Delight (1973) - Paul Verhoeven
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