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Edogawa Rampo (1894 - 1965)

Lifespan: 1894 - 1965

Titles: The Human Chair (1925)

Related: detective fiction - mystery fiction - ero guro nansensu - Japanese literature

Short story adapted for film: Blind Beast

The name Edogawa Ranpo was chosen to sound like "Edgar Allan Poe".

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Edogawa Rampo, born Hirai Tar? (October 21, 1894 - July 28, 1965) was a Japanese author and critic. He wrote many works of detective fiction. Kogoro Akechi was the primary detective of these novels.

Rampo was a great admirer of western mystery writers, and especially of Edgar Allan Poe. The pseudonym "Edogawa Rampo" is actually a Japanese rendering of Poe's name. Other authors who were special influences on him were Maurice Leblanc and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edogawa_Ranpo [May 2005]

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