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El Greco (1541 - 1614)

The Annunciation (c. 1570-1575) - El Greco

El Greco

El Greco (medieval Castilian for "the Greek") is the name by which Domęnikos Theotokópoulos (1541,Heraklion, Crete,Greece – April 7, 1614, Toledo, Spain), a Greek-Spanish painter, sculptor and architect of the Spanish school, is best known.

He was a painter in Crete, where he was born, and first trained as an icon painter. At the age of twenty-six, he journeyed to Venice and to Rome where he studied under Titian. In 1577 he emigrated to Toledo — at the time the ecclesiastical capital of Spain — where he produced his mature works, and led a successful career as a painter of altarpieces and portraits. Many of El Greco's works are on display at Madrid's Museo del Prado. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/El_Greco [Oct 2005]

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