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Electric Circus

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Jerry Brandt - owner of the legendary Electric Circus, the first discotheque in New York City to incorporate all the elements of a stunning optical art show, the best dance music of the period and the gaudy, irreverent, even outlandish haute couture of the rock generation. Brandt, a hip visionary and a shrewd business person, had watched with contemplative interest the rise in popularity of rock music and surrealistic art forms inspired by the music and its followers. His idea was to corral all these elements and blend them together into the ultimate rock discotheque. It took time and some skillful business manipulations to bring the concept to a reality, but when it was finally done the club, on St. Mark's Place in the East Village of Manhattan's Lower East Side, was an instant success. Not only did the Electric Circus draw the hundreds of "flower" children that had spilled over from San Francisco to New York, it also attracted much attention from the social elite who prided themselves on being in the vanguard of changing social trends, and, of course, the curious out-of-towners who went to gape and giggle and gossip. It is widely accepted that the Electric Circus helped set the stage for the evolution of discotheques.

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