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Ellen Von Unwerth (1954 - )

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Ellen von Unwerth (born ~1954 in Germany) is a photographer and director, specializing in erotic femininity. She worked as a fashion model for ten years herself before moving behind the camera, and now takes fashion, editorial, and advertising photographs.

She has been published in top magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair, Interview, The Face, Arena, L'Uomo Vogue and ID, and has published several books of photography. She won first prize at the International Festival of Fashion Photography in 1991.

Unwerth has also directed short films for fashion designers, and music videos for Duran Duran, Salt-N-Pepa, and more.


--http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ellen_von_Unwerth [Jul 2005]


Born in Germany in the 50s, orphaned and adopted by a hippy commune in Munich, she was a knife-thrower's assistant in a circus and had enjoyed a 10-year career as a model before she began taking photographs with a camera given to her as a present in the 70s. She quickly developed a signature style: a grainy, gritty, low-lit voyeuristic sexiness which references Berlin in the debauched 1920s. With a smattering of pictures in her portfolio, she landed an advertising campaign for Katharine Hamnett, and graduated up through the ranks of both magazine and commercial work effortlessly. 'She just makes women look fantastic,'says Jade Jagger. From her much-debated Hello Boys Wonderbra campaign to the 1994 naked Kylie coffee-table book and contemporary ad campaigns for Prada and Coco Chanel and Chanel No 5, she creates the defining images of the moment.--Guardian Unlimited http://observer.guardian.co.uk/magazine/story/0,11913,891760,00.html

Revenge (2003) - Ellen Von Unwerth

Though I understand the opinions expressed in the other commentator's reviews on the book being too small a format. I found the small format to add to the intimacy of the content. The size is small and intimate a little book to tuck into a purse, a silken drawer, under a pillow. Its physical size matches the intimate unmentionables that the book plays with. The details of the small S&M line drawings on the inside covers also add to the intimacy and playfullness of her book. And of course, the photographs are gorgeous. --meixlan from CA USA

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