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Emmanuelle (1959)

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Emmanuelle (1959) - Emmanuelle Arsan

One of the most famous (and best selling) erotic books of all time, Emmanuelle is shown here in the original cover of Losfeld's 1959 clandestinely published (no author's name nor date mentioned) edition. He would print a credited edition in 1967, when censorship laws were loosened. US publisher Grove Press published an English language edition in 1971. Emmanuelle Arsan is the pseudonym of Maryat Rollet-Andriane, the wife of a French delegate at UNESCO, born 1932 in Bangkok, Thailand. Emmanuelle, presumably a quasi-autobiography, has spawned sequels, feature films (first starring Sylvia Kristel, Erika Blanc and Laura Genser) and straight-to-video films ("Emmanuelle in Outer Space"); a true cottage industry of softcore porn. [1].

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