Eric Kupper

Eric Kupper got his start over a decade ago working as a keyboardist for such producer/remixers as David Morales, Frankie Knuckles, Justin Strauss, Arthur Baker, Peter Rauhofer, and Richie Jones to name a few. Since 1989 he has played on, remixed, and/or produced over 1000 records for artists spanning all contemporary musical genres. He is one of the few artists in dance music today that is a master multi-instrumentalist. A true musician.

Over the years, thousands and thousands of hours in the studio has polished Eric Kupper into one of the most sought after producers/remixers/musicians in the world.

Coming out of N.Y.C.ís lower east side punk avant garde scene in the early eighties, he found that scene beginning to lose creative steam and discovered the relatively uncharted territory of house music. "It was one of the few scenes in music where one could be completely free to experiment - there were no boundaries". Eric has been getting back to his pre-dance roots as well, producing for such artists as P.M. Dawn, Coolbone, Julee Cruise, Jill Sobule, Drill, Lovebites, The Butterflies Of Love, Information Society, and Ofra Haza.

His first big break as a producer came in 1992 with Frankie Knucklesí "The Whistle Song", co-produced with Knuckles and penned by Kupper, also establishing him as a writer. Since then successful writing collaborations have included albums for Club 69, RuPaul, Billie Ray Martin, and Crystal Waters, the latter being a certified gold record. A self written and produced album project entitled K-Scope "From the Deep" solidified Eric as not only a producer/remixer, but an artist as well. The album was released on Tribal America Records (IRS) and proved to be one of the labels biggest successes. A second K-Scope album entitled "Instant Music" was been released by Twisted America (MCA) and contained the now classic percussion track "Latin Blues part 1".

Much of Kupperís massive discography is derived from his work as a studio musician and a remixer. During the early to mid-ninties Eric was a staple musician along with Satoshi Tomie with the NYCís Def Mix Crew. The magic that came from Ericís work at the time includes some of the most breathtaking house classics of all time including Robert Owens "Iíll Be Your Friend", Mariah Carey "Dreamlover", and Allison Limerick "Where Love Lives". Also in the role of "additional production and keyboards" Eric has worked with Madonna, Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, Seal, Jamariquoi, Depeche Mode, Everything But The Girl, Underworld, BjŲrk, and David Bowie among many others.

The remix work is astounding. Artists that have taken the Kupper treatment include Garbage, BT, Robert Palmer, Sheryl Crow, Lenny Kravitz, Afrika Bambaata & Soulsonic Force, Kate Bush, 808 State, Groove Collective, Donna Summer, PM Dawn, Club 69, Frankie Knuckles, and many of CeCe Penistonís hits. He has worked on literally dozens of Billboard #1 dance records.

One of Ericís more recent ventures is his label Hysteria Records. Manufactured and distributed in the United Kingdom, Hysteria Records is dedicated simply to quality house music, both vocal and instrumental. Releases include Kim English "Been So Long", EricKupperís "Havana", Kenny Bobien " Gave me Love", Tedd Patterson's "Magnifique" and Rob Dior "Rock To The Beat".

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