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Erotic furniture

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Director: Peter Woditsch
Belgium 2003 (duration: 64’) (world première)

Documentary about the search for the legendary erotic furniture belonging to the famous tsarina.

For centuries, stories about the wild erotic adventures of the Russian Tsarina Catherine the Great have ben capturing people’s imagination. She was said to have had a bedroom full of erotic art. Everything in the room, including the furniture, the paintings, the sculptures and the ceiling, was covered in depictions of carnal passion. The bedroom was last seen by German soldiers during the winter of 1941. Then everything disappeared. Unless…

In his film, Woditsch goes in pursuit of the missing furniture along a trail of lies, frauds, art dealers etc. But did the room ever really exist? --http://www.fffb.be/en/films/b_thelost.asp [Oct 2004]

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