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Erotic thriller

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The "erotic thriller" subgenre owes so much to James M. Cain. -- Eddie Muller

Roeg's Full Body Massage (1995) is the thinking man's straight-to-video "erotic thriller." -- Lee Hill,

Films: Peeping Tom (1960) - Klute - (1971) - Body Double (1984) - In the Cut (2003)

The Erotic Thriller in Contemporary Cinema (2005) - Linda Ruth Williams
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The erotic thriller is a film genre which consists of erotic and thriller and has become popular since the 1980s and the rise of VCR market penetration. The genre comprises from Basic Instinct (1992) and Fatal Attraction (1987) to Looking for Mr. Goodbar (1977) and In the Cut (2003). -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erotic thriller

The Erotic Thriller in Contemporary Cinema (2005) - Linda Ruth Williams

A highly original study of a new genre The Erotic Thriller in Contemporary Cinema is a bold and original study, and the first of its kind to examine in detail a new genre which has evolved in the 1980s and 1990s in Britain and the United States in tandem with the rise of video - the erotic thriller. The book looks at the relationship between pornography and film noir which the erotic thriller has brought about; straight-to-video film; the role of erotic thriller stars and key directors; and women in contemporary mainstream sex cinema. It discusses video as a distinct and new form of spectatorial pleasure, and goes some way to mapping out what constitutes 'screen sex' - and its censorship. In addition, Linda Williams analyses the erotic thriller as a hybrid genre which has been readily combined with other genre forms. She looks at the erotic thriller as woman's film, erotic thriller comedies, erotic thriller science fiction and horror hybrids, erotic thriller action-adventures, as well as the genre's influence on other forms, such as the Hong Kong Category III film, European sex-thrillers and art house erotic thrillers.

Author's website: --http://www.english.soton.ac.uk/williams.htm [Aug 2006]

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