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Escaping Hades

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This is a list from the website "Escaping Hades", a rape and sexual abuse survivor's guide. --http://escapinghades.pandys.org/triggeringmedia.html

This list was created because Lis, the author of "Escaping Hades", got tired of being "ambushed" by books and movies with triggering topics. This list was compiled by survivors and allies to warn survivors about triggering material. This is by no means a list of books and movies to avoid, as many are wonderful and can help you on your healing journey. Of course, some of them are crap. Either way, it is important to prepare yourself for what you are going to see or read.

  1. 5 Women 6 Chairs Movie It is a film about survivors and the trauma and issues they face on a day to day basis.
  2. 8MM Movie Rape.
  3. 9 1/2 Weeks Movie Rape scene.
  4. 13 Ghosts Movie Very graphic horror movie. Not so much in sexual sence, there is nudity and a vouger joke made. Can be disturbing to someone who has been physically abused. Very Graphic (bloody, pain, not so much as in sexual though)
  5. 28 Days Movie Self-injury.
  6. The Accused Movie This movie is about the treatment of rape in the criminal justice system. It contains a *very* graphic rape scene.
  7. Agnes of God Movie A dead baby is found outside a convent, and is traced to Agnes who is studying to be a nun and is so innocent she didn't realize she was pregnant, or even what sex is. The therapist who tries to figure out what happened to Agnes's baby discovers that Agnes endured abuse such as having a lit cigarette put to her genitals. There's also a suggestion that Agnes's pregnancy was from a rape.
  8. Alien 3 Movie Attempted Rape.
  9. American Beauty Movie A really well done movie, but it also made me sick and sad and angry and angry and angry! The whole message of the movie was amazing, but the father perv-ing out on the 16 year old girl triggered me.
  10. American History X Movie I think it would be very disturbing to male survivors -- there is a graphic prison rape scene involving a male.
  11. American Me Movie Several rape scenes depicting attacks on both women and men.
  12. American Psycho Movie/Book Very graphic. Very triggering.
  13. Angels and Insects, Movie, Incest.
  14. The Astronaut's Wife Movie Charlize Theron's husband Jonhnny Depp is killed in outer space by some something but his body returns with somebody else in it. Graphic rape scene but seems like she consented because she didn't say no but he was forceful... she mentions later she is aware that he is not her real husband and she sexually assaulted...i found this very triggering
  15. Bad Girls Movie Implied rape and sexual slavery scenes.
  16. Bad Lieutenant Movie The movie starts off with the graphic rape of a nun and this topic pretty much dominates the movie because she is unwilling to give the police the names of her attackers because in accord with her religious beliefs she forgives them.
  17. Bandit Queen Movie "Bandit Queen" tells the story of Phoolan Devi, a lower-caste woman who achieved notoriety when she fought back against sexism and India's abusive caste system. She is raped, avenges herself, and achieves national notoreity in the process.
  18. Bang Movie Woman survives sexual harassment on the "casting couch" followed by attempted rape by a police officer.
  19. Bastard Out Of Carolina Movie/Book Throughout the movie there is child abuse but there is a very very disturbing scene where a little girl gets raped by her step-father. I have never been sexually assaulted but this movie made me walk out of the room.
  20. Being John Malkovich Movie It is a good movie other than the fact that this guy goes crazy and flips out on his wife, holds a gun up to her and then locks her up in a cage with a monkey.
  21. Beulah Land Movie/Book multiple rape scenes. slaves raping women and soldiers raping women. awesome book, just triggering.
  22. Billy Jack Movie This is a seemingly OK movie but has a long excruciating rape scene and once again she doesn't tell and forgives. Another really bad one for me. Although her boyfriend later finds out and murders her rapists.
  23. Blackrock Movie Based on a true story about a girl who was gangraped and murdered at a beach party in Newcastle, Australia.
  24. Body Bags Movie A possesed man rapes his wife. Very brief scene and doesn't dominate the movie.
  25. Body Shots Movie Rape scene.
  26. Boogie Nights Movie Rape.
  27. Boys Don't Cry Movie Rape scene.
  28. Boys of St. Vincent Movie Deals with child sexual abuse and male rape. Very disturbing because what happens rings so true.
  29. Breaking The Waves Movie Mentally challenged Bess is raped by oil riggers. Pretty disturbing.
  30. The Brutal Truth Movie This movie contains an extremely graphic and brutal rape scene. There is also a graphic suicide in response to the rapes. TRIGGERING
  31. Bully Movie Very graphic rape scene(s) involving teens.
  32. Buster and Billie Movie Small town teens repeatedly do(or try) to rape a shy, mentally challenged girl.She and one of the boys fall in love, and the rest end up gang-raping and killing her. He then kills the assailants. Starring Jan Micheal Vincent. (Film about Late 70's)
  33. Caligula Movie Rape - graphic.
  34. Cape Fear Movie Rape scene.
  35. Casualties of War Movie The soldiers kidnap a girl and keep her around for their "use" - This is the whole center of the movie and lasts a long time
  36. The Celebration Movie Incest
  37. The Cell Movie About a schziophrenic who drowns women then has sex with the dead bodies... gets very graphic.
  38. Chinatown Movie They only talk about incest regarding the lead female character but its revealing is the climax of the film.
  39. The Cider House Rules Movie Incest.
  40. Clan of the Cave Bear Movie Rape.
  41. Clockwork Orange Movie The whole damn thing...rape/abuse issues.
  42. The Color Purple Movie Teenage girl is raped repeatedly by her father and has two children by him who are both taken away from her at birth. Many years later she learns that he was not her real father.
  43. Crazy/Beautiful Movie A girl fights with her own depression and poor relationship with her family. While not involving rape, it does trigger me. Her emotional breakdown was very hard to watch. Alcohal abuse, evil stepmother, and suicide feature in this film. Was very good.
  44. Crossroads Movie The plot deals with a date-rape, and pregnancy as a result of rape.
  45. The Crow Movie This is a great movie, but in it, the main characters get murdered, the female one also being raped.
  46. Damned River Movie Rape scene.
  47. Cruel Intentions Movie Viewers may find the relationship between a step-brother and sister reminiscent of incest.
  48. Damned River Movie Rape scene.
  49. Dark Tide Movie There is a VERY graphic rape scene.
  50. Daughters of Darkness Movie Marital Rape.
  51. Dead Calm Movie When the woman's husband is on the other ship and the attacker awakens he has sex without her consent.
  52. Dead Man Walking Movie True story. He and a friend assaulted 2 girls and the movie blended the 2 as one. Flashbacks of the rape and then a longer scene near the end. While filming the movie, one of the surviving victims met the real nun depicted in the movie, watched the premiere with her, and now goes to church on Sundays with her to pray for his soul. Its a good movie but pretty triggering, and some people resent the fact that it makes the rapist look almost like he's the victim. But its the story as told by the nun who visited him in prison, keep that in mind.
  53. Death and the Maiden Movie/Play A political prisoner who was tortured and raped suspects that the man who's car broke down outside her house is her main abuser, so she captures and tortures him. A classical piece, called Death and the Maiden, triggers her because it was playing when she was raped.
  54. Death Wish I, II, III, IV, V Movie There are like 5 of them, and in every one there are very grapgic rapes. It's like they went out of their way to elongate the scenes.
  55. Deliverance Movie Rape scene. Particularly bad for male survivors.
  56. Demented Movie Disgusting, low grade b-movie made in 1980. Don't think it made the theaters judging by the horrible filming/quality. The opening scene, the wife returns home to park her car and go the her stables, to check on her horse. 4 ranch helpers wearing panty hose accost her into the barn on a haystack. Then, they immediately rape her. Graphic scene, realistic. The whole movie thereafter is her slowly going insane over this ( having spent time in a sanitarium). She thinks everyone is the rapists going after her. Next door neighbor kids don halloween masks and rape her, only to find she kills them one by one. Definitely not worth the rental fee.
  57. Devil's Advocate Movie Court scene in which a young woman is harshly interrogated about abuse; self-injury; suicide.
  58. Doom Generation Movie About 2 guys and a girl travelling cross-country. Near the end there is a scene where this group of men threaten to rape the girl with a statue of the virgin Mary. They also cut off her boyfrinds penis with hedge clippers. You just see a lot of blood, but it's pretty upsetting.
  59. Dr. No Movie/Book By Ian Fleming. Yes, it's a James Bond book. Both the book and the movie refer to an event in the main female character's life when she was raped by a villager, and got revenge by killing her rapist. The movie later implies that she was raped again by the film's villain (But it's unclear whether or not she actually was). Both the book and the movie are pretty boring, so save yourself the rental.
  60. El Mar Movie/Book A Spanish movie, I don't even know if it's released elsewhere. Very disturbing, includes violence, several murders at the beginning, obsession, repression, religion...somehow i knew from the beginning that i had to expect rape there. Very graphic deaths. At the end there's a young man breaking free from his abuser by murdering him...then raping a boy who secretly adores him. Again murder...and suicide. Very triggering, i seldom had so many tears coming out in a movie, but still very good, very emotional...only see if you feel strong enough.
  61. The Entity Movie Series of violent rapes by ghost. Woman victim feeling powerless and trapped.
  62. Eve's Bayou Movie Well made movie starring Samuel L Jackson, about a young girl living on a bayou in Louisiana. However, fairly central to the plot is an incident of incestuous child molestation, which is retold several times from different viewpoints. May trigger.
  63. The Ex Movie Graphic Rape scene.
  64. Extremities Movie Graphic rape scene followed by the victim's capture, imprisonment, and torture of her rapist.
  65. Eye for an Eye Movie The whole movie is based upon the opening scene where a mother is on the phone with her daughter when someone breaks into their home and rapes and kills her daughter. VERY graphic, VERY triggering.
  66. Eyes Wide Shut Movie Women are treated as sexual slaves to men. Enough to trigger me.
  67. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Movie/Book Main charater talks to friend about raping a young girl, although it is only said so that his friend will get rid of the girl (she is not raped) the conversation still made me sick
  68. Festen Movie About father/son and father/daughter incest. Nothing graphic. Very good movie but can be triggering.
  69. Fight Club Movie The climax of this film can be very triggering for someone diagnosed with D.I.D., it is also, as the title suggests, rather violent.
  70. Flowers in the Attic Movie/Book Incest between a brother and sister. Discusses incestuous relationship that follows the first sexual encounter. Made me sick to my stomach. Be careful.
  71. For My Daughter's Honor Movie This is about a 15 year old female student being involved with her 30 year old teacher. Deals with sexual assault.
  72. Forrest Gump Movie Gump's friend Jenny is molested by her father and becomes a drug addict and suicidal because of it. In one scene she has a breakdown in front of her childhood home.
  73. Foxfire Movie This film deals with a group of girls who go out and assault a teacher because he is sexually assualting many teens in the school. This movie shows a small part where the teacher is actually rubbing and such...he gets his butt kicked though so I am happy..an awesome movie!!
  74. Freeway Movie Main character is sexually abused by her stepfather, picked up by a pedophile when she runs away, and pressured into lesbian sexual contact by a fellow inmate. Graphic violence.
  75. Freeway 2 Movie A direct to video sequel to the original freeway and there is a lot of incest stuff in this movie.
  76. The General's Daughter Movie Graphic rape scene. I have been warned by several people about this movie. I have not seen it, as I was told that it would upset me too much to watch it.
  77. Get Carter Movie Insinuated rape, and you see the after effects of what the girl is going through, triggered me severly
  78. Gia Movie There is a scene where she is attacked and raped. The camera pans away as it's happening, but it's still disturbing.
  79. G.I. Jane Movie Attempted rape.
  80. Girl Interrupted Movie/Book A girl commits suicide when she is confronted about father raping her and her liking it. It plays a very small roll in the movie and it is otherwise EXCELLENT, but if you have fresh wounds like I do, it's enough to make you throw up and cry.
  81. Girls Town Movie About a teen girl who was raped and commits suicide. Her friends fight back against rapists in the movie. Can be healing but triggering at the same time.
  82. Gladiator Movie Disturbing reference to the rape of the main character's wife.
  83. Gods And Monsters Movie Homosexual rape.
  84. The Good Girl Movie In one scene, a man blackmails Jennifer Aniston's character into having sex with him. the camera shows her laying stiff beneath him, staring at the ceiling while he is having sex with her. Very triggering and disturbing..
  85. Gossip Movie Central theme is the rape of one of the characters.
  86. Grave Vengeance Movie Horrible movie comparable to "I Spit On Your Grave", only the vengeful heroine doesn't kill the guys who did it, and ends up going insane. Terrible movie.
  87. The Green Mile Movie/Book Movie which contains the story told about the conviction of a man for the rape and murder of two small 7 year old sisters in the South. The man was faulsey commited but shared the same prison area with the man whom really commited this sexual crime only he was there for other reasons. Can be very triggering!
  88. Happiness Movie Pedophilia and child rape.
  89. Hearts in Atlantis Movie Rape seen and heard.
  90. Heaven and Earth Movie Rape
  91. Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer Movie Very TRIGGERING! Incest.
  92. Higher Learning Movie A girl's partner has sex with her, refusing to use protection.
  93. The Hole Movie This is a brilliant film, but there are scenes that I find triggering. Very early on, there is a graphic scene of a girl being examined for signs of rape. Later on there are scenes of another girl being coaxed into having sex with 2 boys. I found this triggering.
  94. Hollow Man Movie Scientists make this guy invisible and he decides to use his new found power to go around raping and murdering women. Terrible movie.
  95. The Hotel New Hampshire Movie/Book For the moment I only know the film... Includes a gang rape scene, brother-sister-incest, a young girl wearing a bear costume after her rape and a revenge scene. Sometimes quite graphic, but (at least to me) not really triggering...worth seeing it if you can.
  96. The House of Yes Movie A LOT of incest: brother and sister.
  97. I spit on your Grave Movie Particularly sick but that is obvious from the packaging. Don't even think about watching this movie.
  98. Jezebel's Kiss Movie Rape.
  99. Joan of Arc Movie Rape scene.
  100. K-Pax Movie All in all a very good movie, but there is one scene that shows a house being broken into and then a woman that has been raped. Also discusses the rape and what was not shown was just as bad as what was. Can be potentially very triggering - this happens towards the end of the movie, I did not expect to see anything like this. Stay safe while watching it.
  101. Kalifornia Movie Rape.
  102. Kids Movie Character is raped by a friend while she is passed out. Very graphic scene.
  103. Killer-A journal of murder Movie Rape
  104. Kiss the Girls Movie/Book Very graphic depictions of rape. Very very triggering. I do not recommend this, especially the book, to any survivor.
  105. LA Confidential Movie Rape of girl plays small part, but the condition she is found in is graphic hence triggering.
  106. Last House on the Left Movie Rape. VERY Triggering.
  107. Last Tango in Paris Movie A scene which could be construed as anal rape.
  108. Leaving Las Vegas Movie Deals with suicide, inludes graphic rape scene(s) (Don't remember...) Very sad and disturbing also to friends of mine who have no rape/abuse experience, but still one of my favorite movies.
  109. Les Minets Sauvages Movie Gangrape commited by arab prison gang on white french inmates in paris-jail.
  110. Liars' Club Movie Graphic rape.
  111. L.I.E. Movie This movie is about a young boy who becomes friends with a pedophile. no actual sex scenes are shown but it is disturbing nonetheless. the most disturbing part is when one boy talks about sleeping with his sister. the movie treats it as if it is a weird thing to do, but not wholy unaccpetable. the audience i was with laughed at the repeated incest comments.
  112. Lipstick Movie Marguex Hemingway and her sister Mariel were in this '76 flick. Music teacher of younger mariel meets w/ older sister and model Marguex to try to persuade her to listen to his original music, to secure a record deal(?). After she takes a phone call, interupting their metting, he becomes hostile, offering a slanderous remark, and when she angrily orders him out, he attacks her. Very graphic assault/rape scene. Tries to scare/ reduce her before the rape. Later in the movie, after unsuccessfully prosecuting him, he is let free. He rapes younger sister. Older one goes after him w/ shotgun conveniently stored in her Jeep. She blasts his balls, then him, away. Loved the ending anyway....
  113. Lolita Movie This one is diffucult to categorize, but deals with what is by definition child sexual abuse.
  114. Looking for Mr. Goodbar Movie Diane Keaton plays a woman in new york in the 70's. she's very sexually adventurous in an escapism kind of way. most of the film was ok, a few fights between her and men, but the end of the film is a horrible, horrible scene where she gets raped and stabbed to death. i'm still shaking and i watched it hours ago.
  115. Macbeth Movie When the murderers are killing lady macduff, the scene goes to the hallway where men are raping women. I watched this in English and had to leave the room.
  116. Macon County Jail Movie Very very graphic rape scene.
  117. Mad Max Movie Seen 'at a distance' rape scene.
  118. Man Bites Dog Movie French mock-documentary about a hitman with a scene where criminals gang rape a women while forcing her husband to watch. Also, graffically displayed aftermath of a female anal rape/murder victim's body.
  119. The Man Next Door Movie Rapist out on parole.
  120. Memento Movie Story about a man who has lost his memory and is seeking revenge for his raped and murdered wife. Done in flashbacks, rape is not explicitly shown, but always present, graphic violence. Disturbing end but yet a great film.
  121. The Messenger Movie Good movie about Joan of Arc but very violent and includes a graphic rape scene.
  122. Moulin Rouge Movie Attempted rape scene.
  123. Nail Gun Massacre Movie Cheesy 80s slasher flick. The opening scene is a woman being gang-raped by construction workers.
  124. Never Talk To Strangers Movie Deals with a woman therapist suffering from MPD. Triggers flasbacks of childhood molestation. Portrays all DID cases as psychos. Not a good movie to watch while going through therapy for multiple personality disorder.
  125. The Ninth Configuration Movie Off camera sexual assault of a male psychiatric patient followed by graphic violence - an excellent film though, but I found this particular scene triggering
  126. No child of mine Movie Terrible child abuse scenes of a young girl being raped and forced by her father into prostitution. Sadly based on a true story.
  127. Not Another Teen Movie Movie Incest...Although it is a fun movie with no plot, there are many sexual references and could be triggering towards people sensitive to subjects on incest. Also a guy in the movie is trying to change the look of a "nerd." This could effect people who are uncomfortable with men having power over women.
  128. Nuts Movie Trial about the incest of main character.
  129. O Movie There is a scene where the main character forcefully penetrates her after she pleads with him to stop.
  130. Once Were Warriors Movie Although it's primarily about domestic violence, the daughter of the father is raped in her bed by one of her father's friends. She withdraws completely afterwards, during the following days. Soon after, one night, her father finds her hanging by a rope - suicide - in their garden. The parents break down sobbing, and that night, they go through her room where her father finds her diary. He sits there and reads all she has written (about the rape). He ends up bashing his friend to death. I felt completely sick after this film. It's probably one of the most disturbing movies I've ever seen in my whole life.
  131. Original Sin Movie There are some scenes where Angelina Jolie's caracter is "paying" by having sex with some guy.
  132. Paris Trout Movie Saw this a LONG time agao but I still remember it well. Has Dennis Hopper I think. I remember at least one scene where Dennis' character rapes his wife anally with a beer bottle. Very very disturbing.
  133. Patch Adams Movie Reference to incest. Scene with self injury.
  134. Pearl Harbor Movie Father hits son towards the beginning of the movie. This movie was very triggering to my girlfriend.
  135. Perfect Blue Movie There are rape scenes in this movie, even though... in the movie, they are shooting a movie, and it is animation... it can be very triggering. It's really hard to watch sometimes... but the plot is acually really amazing.
  136. Perfect Body Movie upsetting for people with eating disorders, it is a good film but I found it very hard to watch and it triggered "fat" feelings
  137. Pink Floyd- The Wall Movie I found this movie very triggering with the subjects of self-mutalations and a rape scene that is repeated throughout the end of the movie.
  138. Platoon Movie Very graphic war movie. But there is also a very graphic rape scene. Very graphic killings.
  139. Pretty Woman Movie This is the 'Pretty Woman' starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, and has a scene of attempted rape.
  140. Priest Movie Very intense, very controversial film. There is discussion and depiction of a father who rapes his daughter.
  141. Prince of Tides Movie Graphic Rape Bad for male and female survivors. Although it is about a catharsis wherin someone learns to deal with the past. Very triggering but ultimately uplifting. Also triggering for those who have been sexually abused by therapists, since the doctor crossed boundaries and had sex with a patient.
  142. Pulp Fiction Movie Graphic rape of a male, it is shown and then intercepted but still pretty bad.
  143. Quiet Days in Hollywood Movie Rape
  144. Quills Movie This film, and it's climatic attempted rape/death seen for the central female character, had me disturbed for days. It was certainly triggering.
  145. Requiem for a Dream Movie The sex for drugs scenes were disturbing.
  146. Rob Roy Movie Rape scene.
  147. Rosemary's Baby Movie A married woman is tied to a bed and raped by the Devil.
  148. Salvador Movie There is one scene about the rape and murder of nuns who were helping the people of El Salvador during their revolution. This is a true story, and the scene was shocking to anyone with any sensitivity, but can be triggering.
  149. Santa Sangre Movie Incest.
  150. Saturday Night Fever Movie Rape.
  151. Schindler's List Movie Rape.
  152. Scum Movie A young male inmate is gang raped shown in full. Officer sees it, but turn blind eye.
  153. Seven Movie I walked out of the room for this one - rough sex scene as well as graphic, disturbing rape (talked about, but not show).
  154. The Shaming Movie Anne Heywood stars as a 1950's high school teacher named Ms. Wyckoff. One day after school, she gets raped by a black janitor named Rafe. Soon she begins having sex with Rafe everyday. Good but disturbing movie which shows the prejudices of America during this time period. It's disturbing in the fact that Ms. Wyckoff starts a relationship with the man that raped her
  155. The Shawshank Redemption Movie Not shown, insinuated prison rape.
  156. She Fought Alone Movie It's got kelly from 'Saved By the Bell' in it. It's about this girl who is raped, by supposedly hanging out with the wrong crowd. No one believes her, the one who raped her tortures her and in the end she goes to court.
  157. The Shipping News Movie Wonderful and uplifting film, but there is a scene that shows a character in flashback as a twelve year old being raped by her brother. Its somewhat brief, but still upsetting.
  158. Showgirls Movie Graphic, violent gang-rape occurs near end of movie.
  159. Sleepers Movie Child rape.
  160. Sleeping with the Enemy Movie Marital Rape.
  161. A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries Movie Very graphic rape scene.
  162. Spetters Movie Film deals with the motorcross circuit in Holland; brother of female lead character participates in male gang rape of biker after catching him in a blackmail scheme...somewhat graphic.
  163. Star 80 Movie Story of Dorothy Stratten - how she's sexually abused and raped by her husband. Horrible bondage stuff - she ends up getting murdered.
  164. Stir of echoes Movie It has Kevin Bacon in it. His sister in law hypnotizes him and afterwards he sees this ghost. His son can also see her. She's trying to tell them something. He starts digging up his back yard looking for her body.He finally finds it in his basement in the wall. When he touches the body he sees the whole rape scene and what happened to her.
  165. Strange Days Movie A fairly graphic rape scene which I know was disturbing to several of my friends. I don't remember the scene as being entirely central to the film, and is is a good movie.
  166. Strangeland Movie About a schizophrenic sexual sadist who's fantasy is to "educate" young people through tribal rituals/body piercing, ect. There are two lines in the movie that refer to one of his prisoners being raped.
  167. Straw Dogs Movie Rape scene of a married woman by her ex-boyfriend and his friends. Graphic but also ambiguous-very disturbing.
  168. Striptease Movie Graphic repeated rape scene where the woman is unable to escape, even though she's at a party. Very triggering. Admittedly, this is hardly a family film anyway.
  169. Sybil Movie/Book Child Sexual Abuse
  170. Terror in Badham County Movie Has a rape scene I found particularly disturbing although it wasn't graphic at all. Terrible movie, too.
  171. Thelma & Louise Movie Rape scene that triggered Tori Amos.
  172. Things Behind the Sun Movie This movie is about a singer who was gang-raped when she was 14.
  173. A Thousand Acres Movie/Book The book/movie surrounds three sisters dealing with incest. Not shown but the whole movie is about this topic.
  174. Tightrope Movie A detective investigating a series of serial rapes has dark fantasies that disturb him (about rape.)He has them until his ten year old daughter becomes the rapist's next victim. The condition she's found in triggered me.
  175. A Time to Kill Movie/Book It is about a 13yr old black girl who was raped by 2 white men, because of what they did she would never be able to have kids. This was a very disturbing film as it shows what animals and lack of justice there is out there.
  176. Titus Movie This is based on the Shakespeare play that is partially about a rape. I was assigned to see it for a class and there is a rape scene which afterwards the girl has her tongue and hands cut off.
  177. To Kill a Mockingbird Movie/Book Rape trial- may be triggering- also touches on father/daughter abuse.
  178. Tommy Movie Child Sexual Abuse
  179. Traffic Movie There is a scene with the girl having sex with her dealer then he gives her herion (or some kind of drug) that got her unconciouse, and then he had sex with her. Without her consent.
  180. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with me Movie You have to have seen the series to be able to discern the fact that the father isn't the one raping her-it is really a spirit that possed his . There is rape either way.
  181. Ultimate Betrayal Movie Based on a true story, a family is torn apart when two adult sisters decide to take their father to court for sexually abusing them as children. It is revealed, as the story progresses, that the father severaly absued all six children, and committed incest with all four of his daughters. The movie includes graphic descriptions and scenes of the abuse, which are disturbing.
  182. Unbreakable Movie Rape is not shown, but is insinuated, against a drunk girl at a party. Also, a murderer has tied two kids and a woman to radiators in their home. Triggering. These scenes come as a suprise given the context of the movie. Careful.
  183. Under Hellgate Bridge Movie There is a scene where a man sodomizes a woman on a table against her will.
  184. Under Suspicion Movie This is a film centering around a police interrogation of a suspect in a child-rape and murder trial. Large sections of the film maybe triggering: as the feature fairly graphic depictions of possible molestations, sexual contact with young prostitutes, and descriptions of rape.
  185. Untamed Heart Movie Attempted rape scene.
  186. Usual Suspects Movie Intense, dream-like rape scene. Very violent. But overall, the film is excellent.
  187. U-turn Movie Incest or rape talked about.
  188. Very Bad Things Movie Stars Camaron Diaz and Christian Slater. In the beginning of the movie, a prosititute is murdered during sex. The rest of the movie deals with the characters trying to cover it up and turning on each other. It was a very disturbing film.
  189. The Watcher Movie No rape at all, but the serial killer hiding in the victims' house disturbed me more than some rape scenes in other films.
  190. What Lies Beneath Movie Wonderful ghost story but depicts older college professor having an affair with a female student.
  191. What's Love Got to Do With It Movie Tina Turner bio-pic. Very realistic, matter-of-fact rape scene.
  192. Welcome to the Dollhouse Movie Perhaps this is another movie with the same title. There's a scene where a young teenager threatens to rape the maun character, a young teenage girl. Later, he asks her to meet him so he can rape her. She meets him, he doesn't rape her, and they develop a relationship of sorts. Very triggerring, also because of the emotional abuse the girl suffers from her peers and family.
  193. When Rabbit Howls Movie/Book Very in depth discussion of step-father/step-daughter incest. Very graphic. Excellent book/movie if you can stomach it.
  194. Where the heart is Movie Incest discussed.
  195. Whore Movie Very graphic rape scene.
  196. Wolf Movie Attempted rape scene.
  197. The World According to Garp Movie/Book Haven't read the book yet, but the whole film deals with abuse/violence matters. As far as I remeber not explicitely shown. Wonderful and healing to me.

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