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Eskimo Records

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Belgian label linked to the Culture Club in Gent and the Glimmer Twins.


Tunes carry most of Eskimo Record's releases. http://www.tunes.co.uk/tunes/labels/eskimo.html


  1. Serie Noire (2002) - Various Artists [Amazon UK]
    1. Unit - Logic System 2. Jamaica running - Pool 3. Adventures in success - Powers, Will 4. Mammagamma (instrumental version) - Parsons, Alan Project 5. Flesh - Split Second 6. Euroshima - Snowy Red 7. Looking from a hilltop - Wardance 7 Section 25 8. Funkatarium - Jump (2) 9. Miura - Metro Area 10. Hypnotic tango (instrumental version) - My Mine 11. Film 2 - Grauzone 12. 8.15 to nowhere - Vicious Pink 13. Bus - Executive Slacks 14. End - Carpenter, John 15. Big man restless - Kissing The Pink 16. Nothing is true everything is permitted - Peron, Carlos 17. Shake the mind - C-Cat Trance

    The ‘Serie Noire’ series presents a historical overview of key electronic cuts from the past, which are influencing the producers and DJs of today. Specific attention is paid to the brooding, dark electronics of the Belgian new beat scene, which emerged out of clubs like Ghent’s Boccaccio and Antwerp’s AB.

  2. Serie Noire 2 (2003) - Various Artists [Amazon UK]
    1. Boytronic - Bryllyant 2. Savage Progress - My Heart Begins To Beat 3. Blancmange - The Game Above My head 4. The Nick Straker Band - Straight Ahead (Instr. Reprise) 5. Green Fridge Music - Da Best 6. Precious - Definition Of A Track 7. Adonis - No Way Back 8. Crash Course In Science - Flying Turns 9. Green Velvet - Coitus 10. Die Warzau - Strike To The Body (Lil Louis' Body Blow) 11. Mr. Fingers - I'm Strong (instr.) 12. Liaisons Dangereuses - Peut être...pas 13. Giorgio Moroder - Evolution 14. Easy Going - Fear 15. Bobby O - She Has A Way 16. Sandy Steel - Mind Your Own Business 17. P.I.L. - Death Disco (Megga Mix) 18. Rheingold - Dreiklangsdimensionen 19. The Passions - I'm In Love With A German Filmstar

    The ‘Serie Noire’ series presents a historical overview of key electronic cuts from the past, which are influencing the producers and DJs of today. Specific attention is paid to the brooding, dark electronics of the Belgian new beat scene, which emerged out of clubs like Ghent’s Boccaccio and Antwerp’s AB.

    Producers of compilation CDs have become so adept at their trade that now no sound or era goes undocumented. Yet the professionalism and unimpeachable taste that marks compilations like New York Noise (dedicated to Gotham’s early-eighties “no wave” moment) is beginning to feel joylessly curatorial. So Belgian D.J. duo the Glimmer Twins’ compilation Serie Noire 2 sounds not just welcome but something like a tectonic shift. On the disc, the Glimmer Twins trace a sensibility—alternately bassy, druggy, and camp—through disparate eras like industrial, acid house, and New Wave. The pair make one astounding connection after another, from the metallic dub of Public Image Ltd. to the Muzak-y, department-store pop of German rockers Rheingold. Where fellow Belgians 2 Many DJs mocked po’-faced D.J. culture with garish mixes of Michael Jackson and Daft Punk, the Glimmer Twins thread their needle through seemingly impossible-to-reconcile material. It’s a secret history of pop that only the savviest historian could write. --ethan_brown@newyorkmag.com, From the Feb 2, 2004 issue of New York Magazine.

  3. Eskimo Vol.1 - Various Artists [Amazon UK]
    1. Disco 4 - 33 & A Third 2. I can't go for that (no can do) - Hall & Oates 3. Say no go (bonus beats) - De La Soul 4. Planet E (Acid Drop mix) - KC Flight 5. Outta limits - Mission Control (1) 6. Awade (ah way day) (Stan's friendly mix) - Instant House 7. Get your own - Willis, Doug 8. You better (Es Cavalett mix) - Mount Rushmore (3) 9. STP - Mang, Ray & John Stitch 10. Flying machine - War (1) 11. Underwater (part 1) - Thumann, Harry 12. Disco drunkard - TET 13. Njia walk (street walk) - Fatback Band 14. Scraper (Psychonauts remix) - Liquid Liquid 15. Revival (original mix) - Girault, Martine
    Quite surprised to see no one has reviewed this amazing danceable funk-collection. Compiled by Belgium's finest dj-duo Mo & Benoelie. They pick the right tracks from any genre, as long as it's funks. You're just obliged to move!!... The True FunkMasters. --(cinematiq@angelfire.com) from Kortrijk,Belgium

  4. Rive Eskimo Vol.2 - Various Artists [Amazon UK]
    These Belgian producers give you a worldclass mix of all kinds of music. This is not for for underground or hardhouse fans. Think 70's and 80's, electro, disco and house, blend it, serve chilled and dance! A classic in its genre (whatever it is!). --hanskrielen2 from Haarlem, The Netherlands

  5. Eskimo Vol.3 (2002) - Various Artists [Amazon UK]
    1. Your love - Frankie Knuckles 2. Tessio - Luomo 3. Do it now - Dubtribe Sound System 4. Hot baby the gogo dancer (Hot body mix) - Cassio Ware 5. Voodance - Jabre, Julien 6. Jerky rhythm - Erotic Drum Band 7. Tell him (part 2) - BB Boogie Association 8. Odyssey (part 2) - Harris, Johnny 9. French emotions - Godwin, Peter 10. Deep sleep - B-52's 11. Stop bajon - DePiscopo, Tullio 12. Midnight groove - Love Unlimited Orchestra 13. Be thankful for what you've got - DeVaughn, William 14. Sun goddess - Lewis, Ramsey

  6. Eskimo Vol.4 - Various Artists [Amazon UK]
    Once again Eskimo (the Glimmer Twins and Dirk) serve up another chunk of funk, disco and 80's hipness straight from their decks. I never thought I'd be listening to Sydney Youngblood (remember he?) and Angie Stone in the same mix. Eskimo take 70's, 80's and 90's music and mix them seamlessly together - with the odd snippet of ("what's that? I'm sure that sounded like...") other artists thrown in for good measure. This CD bats it's eyelashes at cheesiness then turns around and throws a rum and coke in it's face. Quite simply, this is FAN-BLIMMIN-TASTIC. Imagine sitting on a block of ice in an igloo, with the air conditioning on full blast, sucking on an ice-lolly - this CD is that cool. If you have any of the other Eskimo recordings and like the style, then this is another must-have addition. If you've never listened, YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST...fun and hip, music doesn't have to be serious all the time. This will make you smile, click your fingers and dance. --ickleshark, amazon.co.uk

  7. Club Culture Club Compilation
    Culture club, Ghent’s answer to clubbing in the new millenium, is proud to present its firstborn baby… A superb collection, spread out over 2 silver discs, capturing the unique experience of a night out @ Culture Club. First up, the internationally renowned Glimmer Twins serve you a well dressed hors-d’oevre, mixing seamlessly their most valuable platters, ranging from funk & disco over 80ies pop to underground house & electro… As you can hear each Saturday night in the main room! While on the other silver disc, TLP (Troubleman) will get your booty shaking like never before!!!!! A truly hot & sexy selection by the true don of the Belgian R&B/Hip Hop scene, as allways, not standing still with the obvious R&B hits, by diggin deep into his crates, he gives you a grasp of "Culture Club’s early morning Anthems".

    1 chemise she can’t love you 2 gino soccio dancer 3 mitsu hush 4 ralphi rosario in the night 5 justin robertson presents revtone everpresent 6 shakedown at night 7 reckless still in the groove 8 felix da housecat what does it feel like? 9 human league love action 10 the residents kaw-liga 11 lipps, inc. funkytown 12 bohannon let’s start ii dance again 13 sisters sledge lost in music 14 t.c. berry funky guitar 15 mr. fingers can you feel it (accapella mix) 16 mixmasters in the mix 17 jeanette thomas shake your body 18 amnesia house ibiza 19 farley keith give yourself to me 20 dr. phibes acid story 21 ferenc yes, sir i can hardcore 22 new order blue monday 23 soft cell tainted love / where did our love go 24 luc van acker zanna CD 2 1 arrested development people everyday 2 dennis edwards feat. siedah garrett don’t look any further 3 dru hill in my bed (so so def remix) 4 eric benét feat. faith evans georgy porgy 5 kelis good stuff 6 mary jane girls all night long 7 soul 2 soul feat. caron wheeler back 2 life (a capella) 8 yarbrough & peoples don’t stop the music 9 gap band outstanding 10 ol’ dirty bastard feat. kelis got your money 11 mobb deep quiet storm 12 crooklyn clan presents treatz thug anthem 2000 13 n.e.r.d. lapdance (original mix) 14 busta rhymes fire it up 15 crooklyn clan presents choose one da ladies 16 chaka demus & pliers murder she wrote 17 stone love allstars party in session 18 sean paul get busy 19 earth wind & fire brazilian rhyme 20 monifah touch it 21 rufus & chaka khan ain’t nobody 22 tweet boogie 2nite 23 lionel ritchie all night long 24 phill collins in the air tonight

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