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Euro chic

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Titles: Emmanuelle (1974) Le sex qui parle (1975) Story of O (1975)

Actresses: Laura Gemser - Sylvia Bourdon - Sylvia Kristel

Directors: Mac Ahlberg - Jose Benazeraf - Bernardo Bertolucci - Walerian Borowczyk - Luis Buñuel - Tinto Brass - Catherine Breillat - Jess Franco - Just Jaeckin - Bigas Luna - Radley Metzger - Claude Mulot - Max Pécas - Jean Rollin - Roger Vadim

Sylvia Kristel in
Emmanuelle (1974) - Just Jaeckin [Amazon.com]

Bilitis (1977) - David Hamilton [Amazon.com]

Last Tango in Paris (1972) - Bernardo Bertolucci [Amazon.com]


The once very flourishing currents of Euro-chic and stylish pornography represented by directors such as Lasse Braun, Just Jaeckin, Joe d'Amato, Jean Rollin have lost much ground and Pierre Woodman style video shoots attract more audience. Few directors like Luca Damiano, Mario Salieri, and Alain Payet resist to keep on with the cinematographic and dramatic aspects, which distinguish European pornography from others.

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