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Flanders Fashion Institute

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The Flanders Fashion Institute is bound to further enhance the name and fame of Antwerp as a fashion city. http://www.modenatie.com/

The number of new fashion shops in Antwerp continues to grow and the exciting range of boutiques makes for pleasurable shopping and window-shopping. The Fashion Institute is presided over by Linda Loppa


The Flanders Fashion Institute was founded in Antwerp in 1997 to support and promote the incredibile movement of young fashion designers, which started some twenty years ago and was initially backed by Itcb, Institute for the Belgian Textile and Clothing Industry (Ministry of Economy). When, due to a series of reforms, Itcb was dissolved, Flanders filled the void. “It is not enough to encourage talent in fashion, it is also necessary to provide it with a structure” explained Linda Loppa, one of the people responsible for the project, on the occasion of its start-up. Events, publications, a magazine, a forum for meetings, readings and exhibitions and a fund designated to sustain not only young designers but also fashion crafts that are at risk of disappearing: all this is the Flanders Fashion Institute. Thanks to our efforts, after an initial activity in Eiermarkt, the building known as ModeNatie was constructed in Antwerp: it is an international fashion house, a unique project that sees the institute co-existing under the same roof with a fashion school, a museum, a library with a reading room, an archive and a forum. --http://www.altaroma.it/Luglio2003/News.asp?cmd=view&ID=7 [Jul 2004]

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