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The story concerns the fate of a learned gentleman named Faust, who in his quest for forbidden or advanced knowledge of material things, summons the Devil (represented by Mephistopheles, often also referred to as Mephisto), who offers to serve him for a period of time, at the cost of his soul. [Apr 2006]


Faust is the protagonist of a popular tale that has been used as the basis for many different fictional works. It concerns the fate of a learned gentleman, Johann Faust, who summons the Devil, who in the tale is usually called Mephistopheles, and offers to sell him his soul if the Devil will serve him for a given period of time. A contract signed in blood is drawn up and is given the diabolical signature: ultimately, in most later versions of the tale Faust's soul remains his at the end of the devil's term of service. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faust [Aug 2004]

Faust (1994) - Ernst Gossner, Jan Svankmajer

  • Faust (1994) - Ernst Gossner, Jan Svankmajer [Amazon.com]

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