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unrelated to Donald Byrd
  • Riding High 1977 She Records lp: SH-740
  • Good Thang 1978 She Records lp: SH-741
  • Breakin' The Funk 1979 She lp: SH-742

    Faze-O consisted of Keith "Chop Chop" Harrison (keyboards synthezier, perucssion, lead & background vocals), Tyrone "Flye" Crum (bass, background vocals), Ralph "Love" Aikens (guitar, lead and background vocals, talkbox) Roger "Dodger" Parker (drums, percussion) and Robert "Bip" Neal, Jr. (percussion, lead and background vocals).

    "Riding High" was produced by what is referred to as "Tight Corporation", but there is very little doubt that it in fact was produced by the Ohio Players since they wrote and co-wrote every song on the album (particulary Clarence "Satch" Satchell"). OP are listed as arrangers and Robert "C.D." Jones is credited for playing congas. The single "Riding High" peaked at number 9 on the Billboard top 100 R & B list in 1978 and it was charted for eighteen weeks. Debuted 3/04/78.

    By the time Faze-O released their second LP they obviously felt more secure since they handled more of the songwriting themselves. Only one track, "Who Loves You", was co-written by Clarence Satchell. "Satch" produced the album, played saxophone and trumpet, while fellow Ohio Players members Chet Willis and Billy Beck supplied Faze-O with additional guitar and keyboards, respectively. The single, once again the title track, "Good Thang" debuted 11/25/78 but peaked in 1979 at 43 and was charted for ten weeks.

    Faze-O's third LP, once again had Clarence Satchell handling the production along with Faze-O lead singer and keyboardist Keith Harrison. "Satch" co-wrote "Ya-Ba-Da-Ba-Duzie" and "Let's Rock". Unlike the two previous albums, which were recorded in Chicago (from where I suspect Faze-O originates), "Breakin' The Funk" was recorded at 5th Floor Studios in Cincinnati, Ohio. The single "Breakin' The Funk" entered the charts on 11/03/79, peaked at number 63 and was charted for eight weeks. --http://wfnk.com/ohioplayers/discography.html


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