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Fonda Rae

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From New York, Fonda Rae was the voice on several dance records of the early '80s. In 1981, Fonda became a member of the group Rainbow Brown. Fonda performed all of the lead vocals on a Patrick Adams produced album on Vanguard Records. Yvonne Lewis, Lucy Martin, and Ullanda McCullogh comprised the rest of the band. The album cantained the highly popular 'It Ain't No Big Thing'. Under her own name she recorded for labels including Vanguard (including the Leroy Burgess co-written 'Over Like A Fat Rat', 1982) and Telescope ('Tuch Me', 1984, a Patrick Adams and Gregory Carmichael production). The latter was released in the UK by Streetwave Records where it reached the Top 50. In 1996, she recorded 'Living in Ecstasy' for the Wave Record label.--soulwalking.co.uk, Mar 2003.

Vanguard SPV 55 "Over Like A Fat Rat" (1982) , written by Leroy Burgess / James Calloway / Sonny Davenport, a Bob Blank production.

Another classic track is "Deputy of Love" ( B side to Buddah 003/Don Armando's Second Avenue Rumba Band/I'm An IndianToo/1979), written by none other than August Darnell, also famous for having penned Machine's There But For The Grace Of God Go I. Most of all August is famous for leading Kid Creole and the Coconuts in the eighties.

Rainbow Brown

Rainbow Brown comprised of Fonda Rae (all lead vocals), Yvonne Lewis, Lucy Martin and Ullanda McCullough. Rainbow Brown were the brainchild of legendary producer / songwriter Patrick Adams. The group were a studio concept act with their name referring to the different shades of Black Music Stylings in existence at the time. Signing to the New York based label Vanguard Records, the group released their only album to date entitled 'Rainbow Brown'. With Patrick Adams at the helm on production, arrangment and songwriting chores, the set was released in 1981. The first single 'Till You Durrender' did well on the club circuit with the album, also, featuring a version of, Donna McGee's original tune, 'It Ain't No Big Thing'. Taka Boom (Chaka Khan's sister and a good friend of original lead singer Fonda Rae) was to later remake the track 'Till You Surrender', in 1997, with UK Deejay, Joey Negro, retitling the track 'Surrender' and using the revised group name of Rainbow Connection.--soulwalking.co.uk, Mar 2003.


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