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Francis Mischkind

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Francis Mischkind

Note: Le Sexe Qui Parle was distributed by Alpha France (now Blue One), which is owned/directed by Francis Mischkind (1936 - )

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La Petite Morte

"La Petite Morte" is a glimpse inside the French pornography industry. Its key insiders, such as, Francis Mischkind, a producer who began his career making short films for children; Duttieul, a journalist of Hot Video and the MC of the Hot d'ors (pornography's answer to the Cannes Film Festival) and John B. Root, a porn director who began as a journalist and children's novelist discuss their views on pornography and their careers.

But, the heart of the story belongs to Raffaela.

Raffaela Anderson entered the French pornography industry at eighteen, still a virgin. She would eventually escape in 1998 after becoming a witness to human suffering and abuse. She would be raped. Her rapists would not go to jail, since the French justice system concluded it was her fault. They made sure to remind her that she was after all, just a porn actress.

She would go on to star in Virginie Despentes's controversial film "Baise-Moi" and write a best selling book. But other ghosts would haunt her. Her second book, which is tentatively slated for a fall, 2003 release, deals with the years of incest abuse she suffered as a child. -http://www.lapetitemorte.com/about.htm [Apr 2005]

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