08 / 07 / 2004

The creator François Delarozière came to the Forum to present his creations: the creature of “The Giant of the Seven Seas” and the carousel “Manège d'Andréa”

The French creator, inventor, and constructor, François Delarozière, is known for his creations and for the works that he has done with the company Royal de Luxe. Delarozière has come to the Forum to present the carousel “Le Manège d'Andréa” and check on the good operation of the creature of “The Giant of the Seven Seas,” which runs with machines he created.

François Delarozière (Marseille, 1963) specialized in the creation and construction of decoration and machines for performances. He has been directing the creation of different creatures and machines for more than fifteen years, mainly for the French company Royal de Luxe. --http://www.barcelona2004.org/eng/actualidad/noticias/html/f043346.htm [Jul 2004]

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