Heavy Vibes (Re)Mixers

Frankie Foncett


'bra' cymande

"I first heard this in Trinidad at around the age of seven or eight. This would kill all the grown-up jams and 20 years on, the bassline is still a Paradise Garage classic."

'was dog a donut' jellybean (emi us)

"This is a classic warehouse cut from one of my biggest influences."

'time warp dub' eddie grant (epic us)

"This dub mix of 'Time Warp' has never stopped sounding fresh. It also brings back great memories of New York."

'set it off' strafe (jus born)

"I used to rock this at house parties in 1985 and it seems like yesterday. Mixed by the late Walter Gibbons."

'seventh heaven' gwen guthrie (island/garage)

"This is from Island Records' greatest period: 1982-86. Larry Levan mixes this into orbit. Great last record of the night."

'no way back' adonis (trax)

"One of the house records that worked for me at clubs like the Wag in 1987. Can you believe it's nearly 10 years old?"

'without you' touch (supertronics)

"A classic High On Hope record. Hearing this at The Tunnel in 1988 will remain a very important memory for me as a DJ."

'love bizarre' sheila e (paisley park/warner brothers)

"Ten minutes of Latin magic produced by Prince at his prime. Always works and it's a favourite of the girls'."

'set fire to me' willie colon (a&m)

"This record is just a perfect example of what I wanted to put across: dynamic song and instrumentation."

'you can't hide (your love from me)' david joseph (island)

"From London town, the greatest city in the world. 1983 was a brilliant year and Paul Anderson used to smash this."

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