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Frigidaire Magazine

Tanino Liberatore [...]

In 1980, the first issue of Frigidaire appeared on the newsstands. Contrary to what its name would lead you to believe, this was not a trade-paper for refrigerator salesmen but an amazingly innovative comics magazine. Liberatore's famous illustrations in the Bordello and Client series were first published in Frigidaire, as were the first episodes of Tamburini and Liberatore's Ranxerox: Ranxerox in New York and Ranxerox: Happy Birthday, Lubna. --http://www.taninoliberatore.com/bio.php?langue=3

Tanino Liberatore was one of the founders of "Frigidaire", on whose pages have continued Ranxerox, a kind of monster of Frankenstein punk created by Stephen Tamburini. --source unknown

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  1. Ranx 1: Ranx New-york (1982) - Stefano Tamburini, Tanino Liberatore [Amazon FR]
    Although the adventures of Rank Xerox had previously been published in various magazines in Italy (Frigidaire, Cannibale), France ( l'Echo des Savanes), US (Heavy Metal), the first hard cover Rank Xerox story (as it was then called by the authors) appeared in 1982 on Ed. Albin Michel.

  2. Ranx 2 (198x) - Stefano Tamburini, Tanino Liberatore [Amazon FR]
    Second volume, equally good as the first one

  3. Ranx 3: Amen ! (198x) - Tanino Liberatore [Amazon FR]
    Stefano Tamburini had died, Tanino writes his own scenario. Let's just say that he draws a lot better than he writes.

  4. Liberatore's Women - Tanino Liberatore [Amazon US]
    Tanino Liberatore is well known in his field. That field would be independent comic, and erotic art. He drew and created Ranx, the anti-hero featured in Heavy Metal magazine. Since this is a book of art, whether you like it or not depends on what art you enjoy. Liberatore's art is lush in color, and his attention to detail is wonderful! He is an Italian artist, and one gets the feeling that he studied the masters, while looking at his work. However, his style is quite unique. His art is very erotic, which is fine, to a certain extent (for my taste). There are some pictures which I simply do not enjoy, while there are others which are wonderful. If you are conservative in your taste, perhaps this is not a book for you! If you enjoy modern science-fiction art that is done bizarre, erotic, and often most beautiful, you might very well love this book (it's not all sci-fi)! I would give this book 5 stars, if some of the images displayed were not so sexual. It's simply a matter of taste. -- Amazon reviewer

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